7 Skin Care Tips to Freshen Up for Spring

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Oh spring, what a beautiful time of the year! When the gray and rainy days of winter start to dissipate, it’s high time we can finally enjoy the bloom of beautiful flowers. The weather is also much warmer now and you can enjoy sunny afternoons outside. As the winter breeze is gone, there a lot of transitions that you have to make with not just your clothing and lifestyle. One of the most important transitions that you need to make is with regards to skin care. You will need to freshen up your skin and prepare it for the warmer days ahead.

7 Skin Care Tips to Freshen Up for Spring - post

Here are 7 skin care tips to freshen up for spring.

1. Exfoliate your skin.

The cold winter may have taken a huge toll on your skin’s state of hydration which is why the first things that you need to do are to exfoliate your skin. This way, you get to exfoliate that dryness and dullness as well as slough off all those dead skin cells. The cold winter air usually causes the skin to get flaky so exfoliating it will greatly help it. To exfoliate your face, use the La Colline Cellular Exfoliator and for your body, add the Cellcosmet & Cellmen BodyGommage-XT to your routine. This way, you get to slough off all the dead skin cells all over your body and ensure a long-lasting moisture treatment for the skin. These two products make a great addition to your daily skin care routine especially now that springtime is just getting started.

2. Get a hydrating serum.

Now that you have successfully exfoliated your skin, it’s time to prepare it for a hydrating treatment. Serums are skin care products that have a more concentrated formulation which makes it an extremely effective product to restore moisture on the skin. Underneath your moisturizer, serums will ensure that your skin is extra soft so right after you have cleansed your face, layer it up with La Colline Cellular Vital Serum before applying your moisturizer. This formula is designed to deliver a boost of hydration and moisture deep into the skin’s surface. Right after application, you will instantly feel refreshed and feel softer and smoother skin. Once the spring season hits, adding serums in your daily skin care routine is a must!

3. Freshen up for spring with a facial mist.

Think of it like your skin has been resting during the winter season. And due to the cold weather, your skin has not been exposed to sunlight a lot. So when the spring season comes in, it is time to energize your skin! One way of doing this is by applying facial mists. La Colline Swiss Alps Cellular Mist contains revitalizing and hydrating benefits that will instantly quench your skin’s needs. It energizes it and leaves it looking brighter. This facial mist provides a delightful sensation once you spritz it on your face – giving you a moisturizing and comforting sensation instantly.

4. Freshen your feet using a hydrating foot cream.

Now that it’s sunny once again, you will more likely be spending more time in your sandals so make sure that you are ready to show your toes! Freshen up your feet by using a foot cream daily and if you need to, use a foot scrub to exfoliate all the rough dead skin cells. This will help heal and cracked heels during the winter. Cellcosmet & Cellmen Leg n’ Foot-XT is a great foot cream to add in your daily routine to ensure smoother and softer feet and legs. The best thing about this is its formulation is both designed for men and women skin, for all skin type and ages! Now that’s a refreshing thought for a foot cream alone. This foot cream contains an anti-fatigue gel that will instantly wake up your tired muscles. All the discomfort that you have felt during the cold winter can now be relieved with this foot cream.

5. Ditch the body cream and use a lighter face and body lotion.

Since the winter is over, you no longer need to slather heavy creams all over your body. Update your skincare routine by using a lighter face cream as well as body lotions. Ensure that your skin receives enough moisture and hydration so you can be sure that your skin is still getting its much-needed nutrients. Cellcosmet CellLift Cream Light is a light face cream that restructures and densifies the skin. It is light and creamy and does not leave a sticky feeling on the face. Cellcosmet Body Cream would be a great addition for your body skincare routine. It’s a revitalizing body cream that feels light on the skin but effectively moisturizes your skin without the feeling of too much product on the skin.

6. Update your makeup products.

Your makeup products should also be updated now that spring season has come. A lighter coverage for your makeup will make a great way to freshen up for spring. You can use tinted moisturizers like the Cellcosmet Cellteint. It’s a plumping cellular tinted skincare perfector that instantly unifies the complexion. It’s not heavy on the skin which makes a great makeup product to use for spring.

7. Treat your dark circles to look energized and refreshed.

Make sure to treat your dark circles as soon as possible by getting enough sleep daily. Also, invest in topical eye creams that will effectively brighten the under eyes and strengthen it. It should contain peptides and retinol as it helps stimulate the collagen production in your eyes. Some of the best eye creams in the skin care market today are La Colline Cellular Absolute Radiance Eye Cream, Cellcosmet CellUltra Eye Serum-XT, and La Colline Cellular Vital Eye Cream. For men, one of the best eye creams that can effectively brighten up the eyes and treat dark circles is the Cellmen CellUltra Eye Serum-XT. It helps restore the natural skin care process in the eye contour area.

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