Why Your Skincare Routine Needs to Evolve As You Age

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Change is normal and as we age, there are a lot of things that keep changing. We meet other people from all walks of life and our circumstances and situations also change. All these changes bring about effects on our overall health and even appearance. That being said, it is important that as we age, we continue to adapt to our situations and make sure that we do our very best in taking care of ourselves at the same time. This is why is very important that our skincare routine needs to evolve as we age.

Why is it important to change our skincare routine as we grow older?

As our skin changes as we grow older, our diet, lifestyle, and fashion choices often have to follow. Because if we do the same kind of routine and use the same products as before, it may no longer be as effective or it may not even be good for us anymore. The truth is; it is necessary to update our skin care regimen as we move through different stages in life if we want to maintain good and healthy skin. We can never stop the aging process nor stop the clock, but what we can do take control of what our skin can look and feel like.

Why Your Skincare Routine Needs to Evolve As You Age - post

Skincare Routine in your 20’s

If you are in your teenage years up to your 20’s, your skin is still young and may only be facing minor issues. Oftentimes, some don’t even have any issues at all! But at this point in life, most skin issues are often with acne, dryness, oiliness, or slight discoloration due to exposure from the sun. At this age, you don’t need a lot of products yet for your skin. It is important to take note that your skin is still basically as normal and healthy when you are in this age bracket. So all you have to do is make sure you maintain a basic skin care routine and do spot treatments occasionally or when it is necessary.

For young skin, it is recommended that you use gentle products especially if you are on the sensitive side. But whether or not you have sensitive skin, your skin at this point in life does not need too much in it. For cleansing, use a facial cleanser that has gentle ingredients like La Colline Cellular Bio-Cleansing Milk. It’s a good product to use to maintain youthful skin and prevent the early signs of skin aging.

And since you need to nourish your skin as well, find a face cream that is suitable for your age. Cellcosmet Juvenil Day and Cellcosmet Juvenil Night are two revitalizing products that are made especially for young skin up to age 25.

Skincare Routine in your 30’s

Once you reach your 30’s, you will start to notice that your skin is simply not acting like before. You will often notice that the texture and tone are not the same when you were still in your 20’s. The skin may start to look and feel drier. But fret not; this is not something you should totally be worried about. So long as you continue to take care of your skin, your skin will continue to look young and radiant. You can even pass up to be still in your 20s!

At this age, exfoliating is something you should do more often – once or twice a month. This way, you are not giving your skin a chance to have dead skin cells sticking in it. Find a good scrub such as the — or an exfoliant of your choice that fits your skin type. You should also switch now to a non-foaming and non-drying cleanser to ensure that your skin stays clean and hydrated. Find a moisturizer and face cream such as the Cellcosmet Exfoliant Dual Action which will help your skin stay hydrated and well protected. If you have not religiously applied sunscreen in your youth, it is time that you do it now. Your skin will start showing signs of aging if you still keep on doing what you usually do in your youth. Use the La Colline Cellular Ideal Hydration Fluid SPF 15 which highly moisturizing and also has SPF to protect your skin. And as an added skin benefit, make sure to add retinoid in your skin care routine to improve the texture and tone of your skin.

Skincare routine in your 40’s

By the time you are in your 40’s, you can still look as radiant as always! This time, you may start to notice permanent wrinkles in your eyes, mouth, and other parts of the face, but you can always reduce their appearance and not make it look deep. These are lines that have recurred due to years of facial expressions and this is something you should not be ashamed of. To continue taking care of your skin, you should switch up your products now to collagen-building and moisturizing creams such as Cellcosmet Concentrated Day and Cellcosmet Concentrated Night. It should fight the now visible lines and wrinkles that are appearing in your forehead and neck. Avoid using foaming products and products that may make your skin drier. Switch to a gentle cleanser but effective in cleansing and removing the dead skin cells. Continue using a rich and creamy moisturizer as well as retinol in your daily skincare routine.

Skincare routine in your 50’s

As you reach your 50’s, moisturizing is now your number 1 priority. Your skin is now more prone to sagging and scarring so make sure that you use heavier moisturizers and face creams now. These products should also contain retinoid and amino acids. Lastly, never skip SPF! That’s right. You should always protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun now that it’s more vulnerable. No matter what age group you belong, you should always wear sunscreen.

Aging is a natural part of life and it should be celebrated. We may not have control of our body clocks, but we can always control how to look and feel good so long as we take care of our skin. Our skincare routine needs to evolve as we age. Change is beautiful and we should always strive to feel and look beautiful no matter what age we are.

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