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Partnership is at the heart of what we do here in My Swiss Cosmetics. Our mission is to build trust and link bridges to people around the world to achieve a social impact when it comes to skincare and beauty. We believe in building strong, engaging, and long-term relationships with our partners. This is why we believe in partnerships that bring value to both our businesses. We have a local team with diverse talents that can give us unique insights and ideas. We also provide the highest and excellent quality of service which is why we have a strong relationship with our partners. We maintain high-quality standards with our products which is why you can be guaranteed that you will only get the best.

Innovation and technology is the core of My Swiss Cosmetics which is evident in the brands and products that we sell. Years of knowledge, expertise, and experience will show the reliability of our services. We are a part of the large beauty and skin care community around the world that you also can be part of.

We aim to be a trusted partner and operate in full transparency and finding ways to fulfill both our goals for our businesses.

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