5 Skin Care Products You Need

Whether you are a skincare junkie or not, you probably have thought that some skin care products are not as important as others. When you go to a beauty and skin care shop and you see all these products in front of you, you can’t help but think that only a few of them are actually what your skin needs.

And especially to those who are on the budget and not as meticulous with skin care, skipping some skincare products and sticking only to those you are familiar is usually what happens.

But these products are not created without any reason. These products are formulated for a specific skin concern that you may or may not find in other products. Also, these skin care products are made of only one skin type.

Here are 5 skin care products you need that you didn’t think important at first.

1. Face Mists to instantly hydrate the skin any time of the day.

Face mists are practically skincare products that instantly hydrates the skin. What it does is it instantly rehydrates your skin – in seconds – so you get an easy fix wherever you are at a certain point of the day. You just spritz it all over your face and you instantly get that comforting and refreshing feel like you just had a shower. But as good as that sounds, face mists are basically skin care products that not a lot of people include in their daily skin care routine. After all, if you have just applied tons of moisturizers, serums, and face creams all over your face, isn’t that enough to protect you all throughout the day? That is absolutely true, but in some cases where you are constantly on-the-go or you are doing something that makes you sweat a lot, these products will eventually wear out and before the end of the day, your skin will be screaming for much-needed hydration. That is where face mists come in. One of the best face mists in the market is the La Colline Swiss Alps Cellular Mist.

2. No-Rinse Makeup Removers to easily remove makeup after a long day.

The worst part of wearing makeup is when you finally have to remove all of them from your face. The effort that you put when you are applying makeup should exceed the effort that you have to put when you finally need to remove them. Makeup is good but when you skip removing them especially before going to bed can cause severe damage to the skin. It can lead to severe acne breakouts and make your skin age faster. There are simply nights where you just want to immediately drop to the bed without bothering to remove all your makeup. But as tempting as that sounds, it is important that you don’t skip cleansing your face before going to bed. But there can be times where you just don’t want to go through everything. Thankfully, no-rinse makeup cleansers rescue us in these situations. With the emergence of no-rinse cleansers, you can now easily cleanse your skin without having to get water and remove it. La Colline Cellular Face and Eye No Rinse Jelly is a great product to remove makeup from the face, eyes, and lips. It’s a surfactant-free formula that removes all impurities from the face and keeps it protected and hydrated.

3. Neck masks and serums for a moisturized neck area.

When we talk about skin care, the first thing that will immediately go to your mind would be products for the face. But skin care is all about the skin all over our body. Not all skin is equal which is why some parts of our body need specific products for it to also remain younger-looking and healthy. The neck is probably one of those parts of the body you don’t think needs additional products. You think that moisturizers and serums for our face are enough for your neck as well. While that is absolutely true, our necks deserve more attention as well because it is one part of our body that actually shows our age! When you are not careful, you will find an aging neck that will visibly contrast your face. So as an occasional treatment, give your neck double the care it needs by applying masks and serums for the neck. This maintains the firmness of the skin around your neck. Cellcosmet CellCollagen Face and Neck is a good intensive treatment to have to make sure your neck gets the right pampering as well.

4. Bust skin care products you need to firm your bust.

Our bust deserves the same care that you put on your face. After all, it’s part of our bodies. And for a lot of women, this is a part of the body that we like to keep beautiful and sexy. As we age, we start to notice that the skin around our bust is not as firm as it was before. And for women who have big breasts, it can be a huge issue to have sagging skin in the bust area. While this is something that can be resolved with proper diet and exercise for the pectoral muscles, it doesn’t hurt to give the skin around this area a good cream to keep it soft and firm. Bust creams are definitely not as popular as face creams but it’s a product you think you don’t need that actually gives a lot of benefits. Cellcosmet CellBust-XT-A is good bust skin care to include in your skincare regimen.

5. Activating Gels to make your skin more receptive of subsequent products.

This might be your first time to hear such product but activating gels are basically toners or essences that activates the skin and pretreats it so that it becomes more receptive of the serums, moisturizers, and face creams that you apply. Compared to regular toners, activating gels are gentler to the skin which makes it a good pretreating product for dry and sensitive skin. They also have cooling sensation upon application which instantly soothes the skin. La Colline Cellular Bio-Activating Gel is a valuable product to include in your daily skincare regimen for better and more refined skin texture.

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