6-Step Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin Types

Having dry skin is as frustrating as having oily skin. While oily skin types have to constantly worry about that excess shine on their face, dry skin types also face skin concerns like itchiness, inflammation, and sensitive skin. This is because when your skin is dry, it is more prone to cuts and bruises that are hard to treat. Dry skin types also experience that constant tightening in their face especially without moisturizer on. Moreover, people with dry skin can easily have fine lines and wrinkles since their skin lacks moisture and hydration.

These are real problems that millions of people face today. And for those who have dry skin, you might be wondering why you just can’t seem to nurse it back to health even when you are constantly applying moisturizers and face creams. Well, it’s not just about getting moisturizing products. You need to make a change in your lifestyle. For instance, if you are not much of a water drinker, you need to start drinking lots of water now. After all, if your body is well hydrated on the inside, it will ultimately reflect the condition of your skin on the outside. Also, you need to consume more foods that contain a nutritional value to your skin. But as mentioned, you will also need to have the right skin of products and follow a good skincare routine religiously.

Here’s a 6-step skin care routine for dry skin types.

Step 1: Cleanse dry skin using a gentle cleanser.

As soon as you wake up in the morning or before going to bed at night, cleansing is something you should do so your skin to get rid of dirt and impurities. But on this first step alone, you need to make sure that you are using a gentle cleanser. When you have dry skin, you have to avoid cleansers that contain ingredients that can worsen your skin’s dryness. For example, cleansers that contain alcohol is definitely a big no-no if you have dry skin. Stick to facial cleansers that are gentle for your face, but powerful enough to remove all the dirt and impurities from your face. More importantly, it should have moisturizing agents so your skin doesn’t feel that tightening right after washing. Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser is one of the gentlest cleansers available that suits perfectly well to dry skin types.

Step 2: Tone your face.

Toning is an important step in every skin care routine. It helps rebalance the pH levels of your skin and also remove any excess dirt and oil that may have not been removed from cleansing. Suffice it to say, toning cleanses your skin on a much deeper level. It is also a good pretreating process so that your skin becomes more receptive of the subsequent products you are going to apply on your face. But when it comes to toning dry skin, you need to make sure that you are using a product that does not have alcohol. It can sting the face and cause irritation. Stick to toners that are specifically designed for dry skin. Cellcosmet Activator Gel is a good pretreating product that cleans and tones the skin and makes it more receptive to the serums and face creams you will be applying right after.

Step 3: Apply a hydrating serum.

Serums are our best friend when it comes to treating a specific skin concern. This is because they are more lightweight which means they are easily absorbed your skin on a deeper level and they address a specific skin concern. For instance, there are serums that can treat acne or dark spots. There are also serums that specifically restores your skin’s natural hydration process. This is why after you have toned your face, you must apply a hydrating serum to not only treat your skin but also enhance the effectiveness of your other skincare products. La Colline Cellular Perfect Hydration Serum is a valuable item that you should have in your daily skin care regimen especially if you have dry skin.

Step 4: Apply your favorite hydrating cream.

A lot of people assume that any face cream works for dry skin. After all, it contains moisturizing ingredients. Isn’t it what dry skin types need? But that is exactly the reason why there are different face creams in the market. Some are formulated for one specific skin type in order to restore it back to health. For instance, La Colline Cellular Rich Hydration Cream is the perfect face cream to use if you have dry or dehydrated skin since it is an intensive skincare treatment for dry skin types. In fact, it is designed to quench the thirst of moisture-starved skin. Rest assured that once this face cream is applied on the face, you will instantly get a feeling of comfort and hydration. This is an exceptional hydrating face cream that works perfectly well especially when you are under extreme and cold weather conditions.

Step 5: Use intensive skin care treatments on your skin care routine for dry skin.

This step can be skipped as a daily routine. You can do this at least once or twice a year. Since you have dehydrated skin, you need to give yourself a good pampering and treatment using concentrated products that specifically revitalizes the skin. This could be using serums designed for intensive treatment or more concentrated face creams that will ensure your skin’s natural processes are restored to normal. Cellcosmet Ultra Vital is a face cream that you can use as an occasional treatment for dry skin.

Step 6: Wear sunscreen – even on dry skin.

This is an important skin care step that should never be skipped –ever! It is the most important part of keeping all those products you have just applied to be locked into your face. Dry skin types are prone to a lot of skin problems when exposed to pollutants and harmful rays of the sun. So before stepping out of the house, you need to have enough sun protection on your face. Invest in a good face cream with SPF like the La Colline Cellular Ideal Hydration Fluid SPF 15.

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