10 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid While Traveling

10 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid While Traveling - header

When it comes to planning a vacation, we are usually overwhelmed by the task of researching where to go and booking our flights. And finally, on the day of the trip, we usually forget one of the most important things in our travel – skin care. Due to our anticipation to either visit a sunny beach or a snow-capped mountain, we often forget to pack the right kind of skin care products or worst, not actually taking care of our skin! Just because you are going on a vacation and trying to escape the daily grind, it does not mean you should stop caring for your skin. There are so many skin care mistakes that can cause so much damage to our health in the long run.

10 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid While Traveling - post

Here are 10 skin care mistakes you should avoid while traveling.

1.    Not prepping your skin before a flight is one of the worst skin care mistakes you should avoid.

Before you head out for a trip, you should never forget to prep your skin thoroughly. Do your usual skin care routine and never forget to apply SPF. Moisturize your skin properly as your skin can easily get dehydrated once you head out. Even if you are in a hurry, make sure to a lot a small amount of time to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin. Not only will you look good but you are giving your skin good care and attention before you are exposed to a lot of aggression.

2.    Not stocking up travel-sized skin care products.

No matter how many items you are carrying in your backpack our luggage, one of the mistakes you should avoid while traveling is not bringing travel-sized skin care products. When you are traveling, you have to take into consideration that you may have to bring more items and even buy souvenirs by the time you get back. Putting your skin care products on travel-sized containers will help you save space and even extra luggage fees! You also have the option to buy travel-sized skin care products directly. Most brands today already have travel sizes for their products which makes it even easier for you to stock up your skincare essentials before the trip.

3.    Not thinking of your skin while you are flying.

Air travel can be very damaging to the skin especially if your skin is not well hydrated. Airplane conditions have very low humidity which is why your skin can easily get dehydrated especially if you are on long-haul flights. It’s necessary that you moisturize your skin after cleansing before the flight and then on midflight, make sure to touch up with a hydrating moisturizer. Bringing a face mist like La Colline Swiss Alps Cellular Mist will help you touch up your skin with a boost of hydration. Make sure to also apply an eye cream considering that our eyes in our eye area easily dries out. La Colline Cellular Vital Eye Cream is an eye cream worth adding as a travel essential.

4.    Not refreshing your skin after the flight.

After a flight, you should always remember to freshen up. Appearances aside, taking care of your skin after a flight will remove that lackluster complexion due to dry air. Cleanse your skin and make sure to moisturize. If you are applying makeup, choose a product that has hydrating ingredients. Cellcosmet CellTeint is excellent tinted skincare that contains hydrating ingredients. Choose makeup that has brightening ingredients for a glowing and radiant look after a long flight. And now you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

5.    Not packing the right skin care products to your destination.

Just like changing our skin care products every season, it is also important to pack the right skin care products according to your destination. Make sure that the products you bring are tailored to the weather of your destination. If the place you are visiting has a different climate, bring products that will ensure your skin is well protected in that climate. For example, if you are going to a hot and humid area, you might want to use a lightweight moisturizer. On the other hand, if you are vacationing in a cold climate, make sure to pack a rich moisturizer and cream that will ensure your skin is well-hydrated. Cellcosmet Ultra Vital is a highly recommended product if you are traveling in cold conditions.

6.    Forgetting about your lips, hair, and hands.

It’s not just your face that needs some TLC. Don’t forget your lips, hair, and hands too! They are also exposed to a lot of harmful elements when traveling so make sure to bring skin care for it too. La Colline Cellular Lip and Contour Remodelling Care is a lip cream that will ensure your lips is well protected even when traveling. Bring La Colline Cellular Vital Hand Cream to make sure your hands are moisturized at all times. And for your hair, make sure to take Vita Pro Collagen. It’s a good addition to your daily routine.

7.    Not bringing and applying sun protection.

Skipping sunscreen when traveling is one of the biggest skin care mistakes you can ever make when traveling. Whether you are headed to a sunny or cold location, your skin is still vulnerable from the sun. Apply sunscreen at all times.

8.    Not bringing a water bottle.

Always drink water to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle at all times so you can easily stock up water wherever you go.

9.    Not cleaning your brush.

Clean your brush to avoid acne breakouts and other skin concerns. Even when you are vacationing, always ensure that your brushes are squeaky clean.

10.     Not eating healthy foods.

Trying out new dishes is definitely part of traveling, but don’t forget that it can also affect not just your health but also your skin. Remember to keep things in moderation especially if you are eating foods that are more on the oily side. And make sure to choose healthy foods as well when you are traveling. Never forget to have fun, but don’t forget your skin too. Eating healthy foods during your trip is one of the best ways of taking care of your skin even while vacationing.

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