Travel Skincare Essentials: What Should I Pack?

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The anticipation for an upcoming trip can be overwhelming especially when you have not packed yet. Other than the usual stuff that you have to bring such as clothes and toiletries, make sure to bring your travel skincare essential too. It is always the best thing to keep your skin a priority when you are traveling. If you want to look good and feel good in your travels, bringing the right skin care products with you is of utmost importance.

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10 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid While Traveling

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When it comes to planning a vacation, we are usually overwhelmed by the task of researching where to go and booking our flights. And finally, on the day of the trip, we usually forget one of the most important things in our travel – skin care. Due to our anticipation to either visit a sunny beach or a snow-capped mountain, we often forget to pack the right kind of skin care products or worst, not actually taking care of our skin! Just because you are going on a vacation and trying to escape the daily grind, it does not mean you should stop caring for your skin. There are so many skin care mistakes that can cause so much damage to our health in the long run.

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7 Skin Care Changes to Make for Winter

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Winter can be a little harsh to the skin so make sure to make some skin care changes to prepare yourself and keep your skin healthy. As temperatures start to drop there are certain things that we need to switch up in our skin care regimen in order to maintain healthy and glowing skin. In the cold and harsh temperatures of winter, our skin can easily dry up and even our hair can get slightly brittle if we are not careful. Winter is fun and festive but is also the worst time of the year for you if you don’t tweak some things your skincare game.

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