Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml


Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml


Radiance Revealer Harmonising Cream-Gel Mask
With precious earth and Edelweiss extract

100ml / Net wt. 3.9 oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

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Radiance Revealer Harmonising Cream-Gel Mask
With precious earth and Edelweiss extract

100ml / Net wt. 3.9 oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of Phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Suitability – Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml Indications:

  • All skin types, particularly combination skin and skin with a lackluster, sallow complexion
  • For people seeking a long-term skin densifying effect
  • For people wanting to give their skin immediate radiance

Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml Actions

Immediate action

  • Clarifies and harmonizes a lackluster, dull complexion
  • Smoothes the skin surface to allow a better light reflection
  • Erases fatigue marks
  • Radiance immediately visible
  • Immediately soothes reactive and sensitized skin
  • Maintains natural skin hydration* at optimum levels
  • Neutralizes the effects of free radicals

Long-term action

  • Redefines the facial features
  • Gives the facial skin tissues back their attractive volume
  • Reduces the signs of skin aging

Its added value:

  • An original association of active ingredients for a double effect: radiance revealing and anti-aging densifying
  • Dermatologically tested


  • A harmonious, fresh, visibly radiant complexion
  • Refined skin texture and smooth skin
  • Redefined facial features
  • Redensified tissue

How to Use Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml

  • As an intensive cure, for a healthy-looking complexion: 3 times a week for 1 month
  • Throughout the year: once or twice a week, depending on the needs of the skin

Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml Ingredients


  • Half-gel, half-cream, thick and smooth, fresh and very pleasant

Active Ingredients:

  • A synergic complex of Precious Earth (white, pink, green, and red clays): relaxing, softening, soothing, purifying, mattifying, detoxifying, oxygenating, reinvigorating, activates microcirculation of blood in the skin
  • Kombucha (long-life mushroom): provides an incomparably radiant complexion straightaway, refines the skin texture for a more uniform complexion, anti-glycation effect = anti-aging effect, smoothes the skin surface
  • Complex based on Bigarade orange blossom petals: detoxifies
  • Witch Hazel water: astringent, reduces pore size
  • Edelweiss extract (downy white flower called “Alpine everlasting flower”): anti-aging, protective
  • Antioxidant
    E + C + F
    Vitamin Complex:
    anti-free radicals
  • Regenerating and soothing Phyto-sensorial complex: calms the feeling of skin irritation, reduces redness, stimulates the production of B-endorphins known as “hormones of happiness”
  • Annato oil: protects and softens the skin

* of the upper layers of the epidermis **Specially formulated to minimize risk of allergic reactions

Keep Your Skin Healthy with Cellcosmet Precious Mask 100 ml

Face masks are often considered the magical concoctions of all skincare products since they work wonders on the skin. With the entire beauty and skincare trend you see on social media, everyone swears about the effectiveness of face masks on the skin and how it contributes to its health. Both men and women today agree that face masks are a great way to treat any skin concerns. It feels good to the skin when it is applied so it has become a good skincare routine that people treat themselves after a long, tiring day.

For this very reason, applying a face mask regularly shouldn’t be taken away from your skin care regimen. Most of the time, a lot of people would try to narrow down the skincare products in their beauty regimen to save more money. Instead of following a careful skincare routine, people downsize it by buying fewer products thinking it will be enough. While we certainly want to get the most out of our bucks, we should also splurge a little especially if we are serious with our skincare journey. This includes spending money for a well-deserved face mask treatment on the face every now and then. After all, our skin deserves some extra love and care.

That being said, getting a quality mask such as Cellcosmet Precious Mask will be a great investment for your skin.

Your skin will thank you later on in life when you use high-quality masks on your face as early as today. This mask is half-cream and half-gel which gives out a smooth, fresh and very pleasant feeling after each application. This radiance revealer harmonizing cream-gel mask contains precious earth and edelweiss extract which comes from a flower that is known to have anti-aging ingredients to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

The precious earth active ingredient in this mask detoxifies and purifies the skin and activates the blood circulation.

This process revitalizes the skin. It also has kombucha that helps in refining the skin texture for a more radiant complexion right away. It contains a natural witch hazel water astringent to eliminate excess oil in the face and reduce the visible size of your pores. In addition to all these amazing skin benefits, Cellcosmet Precious Mask contains regenerating and soothing Phyto-sensorial complex that helps calm any skin inflammation or irritation. It reduces any traces of redness and most importantly, it restores the happy hormones in your body. After a stressful day at work, using this face mask to treat yourself will certainly strip the stress away from your body.

This face mask is suitable for people who are looking for immediate results on the skin. After all, in this fast-paced world, most of us would definitely want to immediately see results from what we apply to our skin. Cellcosmet Precious Mask has immediate action upon an application. It clarifies the dull complexion and smoothes the outer layer of the skin. This process allows more light to reflect on your skin making it radiantly visible. It eliminates the dead skin cells from your face making tired-looking skin soft and supple again. It erases any signs of fatigue and keeps your skin hydrated all the time.

Using a Precious mask regularly, about 3 times a week for a month, would do intensive healing on your skin.

Think of it as a safe and gentle medicine for your skin concerns. After using it regularly, you will feel more radiant and fresh all throughout the day. A refined skin has always been synonymous with healthy skin for a number of years. Both men and women aim to redefine their features and smooth out their skin in order to make it look healthier. With this harmonizing mask, you can achieve that healthy-looking skin and keep it that way for a long time.

If you are still unsure if investing in a quality mask is a must, read through some reviews and recommendations from friends and see how including this skincare product adds value to your overall health and wellbeing. If you are not doing an intensive treatment on your face, you don’t even have to do it regularly but it would still do miracles on your skin right after application. You reap a significantly high amount of skin benefits by using a face mask. There are tons of reasons why you should always include it in your skincare routine.

For one, it provides deep cleansing on the deeper layers of your skin that your facial cleanser cannot reach. Masks help you remove all those dirt, oil, makeup, and other blemishes that cling on to your skin. A good facial mask eliminates all these impurities that hide in the deeper layer of your epidermis. It detoxifies the skin while you have the mask on and in fact, you can immediately see a visible improvement in your skin. Upon removing the mask on your face, you’d be surprised to see the dirt and grime that has been accumulated on your face. Wouldn’t you love to have that extra cleansing?

Another effective action that a clay mask does to your skin is that it unclogs your pores. Since it goes deep down to the deeper level of your skin, it absorbs all the excess oils that block your pores. When the dead skin cells accumulate on the skin, it will lead to acne and breakouts. That is why unclogging the pores is extremely important so it will not trap any bacteria and dirt that will cause you tons of problems in the future.

And to achieve that most coveted glowing skin, masks can also help in achieving it. It stimulates the blood circulation on your face which contributes overall improvement of your skin’s health. It makes the skin supple and softer making you younger-looking and healthier. When you have a refreshed appearance, you will certainly look healthier on the outside and feel good on the inside.

If you want your overall skincare regimen to work more efficiently, Cellcosmet Precious Mask is definitely the boost you need to keep your skin as healthy as it can be. If you want your skincare products to work more effectively then a facial mask should never be absent from your skin care regimen. Applying it on a regular basis can ensure you glowing, healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin.

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