Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml


Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml


Electrolytic toner
With a gentle micro-exfoliant electrolytic complex

250ml / Net. 8.45 fl. oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Cellcosmet Switzerland
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Electrolytic toner
With a gentle micro-exfoliant electrolytic complex

250ml / Net. 8.45 fl. oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of Phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Suitability – Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml Indications:

  • All skin types, except very reactive skin or skin suffering from dermatosis (psoriasis, eczema)

Important Recommendation:

The electrolytic action of Cellcosmet Tonic Lotion can cause a slight stinging when applied to the skin. This sensation disappears rapidly. Sensitive or reactive skin may experience this sensation more intensely. This should under no circumstances be unpleasant. It is therefore recommended to apply it to a small zone of the face before a global application.

Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml Actions

  • Tones and rebalances skin functions
  • Perfects skin cleansing and make-up removal
  • Refreshes and enhances skin complexion
  • Acting as a real biological mini-peeling, it maximizes the skin’s receptivity to Cellcosmet active complexes
  • Alcohol-free

Its added value:

  • The ultimate tonic!
  • Its micro-exfoliating action optimizes the absorption of active ingredients and clears the complexion
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Cleaner, fresher and toned skin
  • An intense radiance of the complexion

How to Use Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml

  • Every morning and evening throughout the year

Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml Ingredients


  • Clear liquid

Active Ingredients:

  • Floral Rose water: toning, revitalizing, softening, astringent
  • Camomile extract: soothing, softening
  • Ion Phosphate based electrolytic complex: gentle micro-exfoliant


For cleaner, fresher, and clearly more toned skin. Cellcosmet Active Tonic Lotion perfects cleansing and make-up removal of the skin. Product recommended for All skin types except those with very reactive skin or suffering from dermatosis.

Boost Your Skincare Routine Needs with Cellcosmet Active Tonic 250 ml

Achieving that perfect, clear, and glowing skin are not just all about DNA, it is also about how and what things you do to your skin every single day. Whatever products you include in your skincare routine, all of us have one goal and that is to improve it. Beauty and skincare routines give us a chance to improve ourselves and feel good about it. Taking care of our skin can ultimately make us feel more confident to present ourselves to the world. Moreover, it also keeps our health and overall wellbeing in check as proper skincare keeps our skin functioning at its best.

This is the reason why one should do his or her best to build a great skincare routine. After all, what you do every single day will add up to the success of your skincare regimen. It’s a personal task that is just as important as the other routines you do every day. With the number of products and varying recommendations from different people, you should be careful about what to include in your skincare regimen. It would be even wise enough to do your research first and do a little bit of testing on the products so you will know which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

As a basic rule, there are three important basic steps to do in your skincare routine; cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Oftentimes, a lot of people skip the toning part as they assume it is not as important. Is a facial toner really necessary? Does it do something on the face? Can I skip it as a part of my skincare routine? Now, in order to know the answers to these questions, one must know first how facial toners work.

So how do facial toners work?

Facial toners help in rebalancing the skin after it is cleansed.

It restores the natural pH level on the skin. We use different cleansers on our faces and some of these products can strip off the natural oils as well and has a higher pH level that can affect the skin. What a facial toner does is it gives back the pH level on your skin while removing the last traces of makeup, dirt, and impurities on the skin. At the same time, it also adds additional moisture even before applying your own moisturizer.

One must also keep in mind that there are different types of facial toners that have different functions for the skin. There are exfoliating toners, balancing, moisturizing, brightening, and soothing. But you don’t have to get all of them in order to achieve your skin goals. As a basic rule, you must pick a toner that addresses the needs of your skin type. Another important thing to keep in mind is that it should not have harmful ingredients that can contribute to irritation and inflammation of the skin. While many would say that toning is an unnecessary step to add to your beauty routine, it is actually a good addition that gives your skin a better pampering after it is being cleaned. After all, who would not want to have an additional step for skin replenishment?

Cellcosmet Active Tonic provides all these amazing benefits for your skin.

With its natural active ingredients, it tones and rebalances the pH level of your skin for it to function at its best. It contains floral rose water which is a natural toning and astringent that minimizes your pores and helps dry up oily skin. It also helps exfoliate dry skin cells because of its gentle micro-exfoliant ingredients. It also provides that brightening action perfect for enhancing the skin complexion.

Cleansing the face with a gentle cleanser helps in removing the dirt, sweat, and makeup from the face but sometimes, it does not do all the work. Because of this, there are makeup residues still left on our pores that are already visible to the naked eye. This is where Active Tonic gives us additional help in removing this unwanted dirt from the skin. It gives additional cleansing to the skin and aids in make-up removal. And while it is doing all the work on the skin, it gives a soothing and softening effect because of the chamomile extract added to this toner.

Active Tonic is the best toner for both men and women with different skin types.

It provides all the needs of each skin type without causing any harmful effects. For oily skin, it has a natural astringent that helps you get rid of that extra shine in the skin while still keeping the natural oils. It provides additional moisture for dry skin types who need that extra boost of hydration in the skin.

Most of the time, toners have the reputation to sting a little when applied to sensitive skin. However, for those who are worried about any irritation, Active Tonic also works well for sensitive skin types. It is dermatologically tested and is proven to be a natural tonic for any skin type. For those struggling with dermatosis, it can cause a slight stinging when applied to the skin due to its present and active electrolytic ingredient. The good thing is that it does not stay long on the skin and does not give an unpleasant feeling to people with very sensitive skin.

Just like pieces of a puzzle, using a toner is just one part of a skincare regimen. You are still going to use other products to complement it in order to achieve clear and healthy-looking skin. Pair an excellent toner with an excellent cream suitable for your skin and it would give you the best results. Not skipping the toner and having it as part of your daily skincare routine can give you tons of benefits. Active Tonic is the one product that gives your normal skin care regimen a much-needed boost. After all, we all want the best for our skin.

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