8 Effective Steps to Manage Oily Skin

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Having oily skin may sound very problematic, but there is actually a good thing about it. People with oily skin tend to have thicker skin and have fewer problems with fine lines and wrinkles. And although you can easily get acne breakouts and clogged pores when you have oily skin that does not mean you can’t do anything about it. The key here is to find the right skin care routine and products that will allow you to manage oily skin. You just need to ensure that your skin is able to maintain its natural moisture and remove all those excess oils from your skin.

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Here are 8 effective steps to manage oily skin.

1.    Change your diet.

Managing your oily skin should start with your lifestyle. Because no matter how expensive your products are and how careful you are with your skin care routine, it will not do justice if your inner health is not working. What we eat or drink can directly affect the health and appearance of our skin. So if we eat something that can trigger more oil production in the skin, it will definitely show in your face. In fact, there are certain foods that dermatologists and skin experts will tell you to avoid because it can cause more acne breakouts and other skin problems. Try to moderate one’s consumption of oily foods and replace them instead with healthier ones. It’s okay to eat your favorite oily foods but make sure to eat in moderation especially if you already see results of too much oiliness in your skin. This will definitely make a huge difference.

2.    Wash your face every morning and evening and every after you exercise.

Normally, we wash our face as soon as we wake up in the morning and before we go to bed to remove all the oil build up that we have accumulated all throughout the day. But if you have oily skin, you probably need to wash your face more than twice a day. But you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it too. So as a general rule, wash your face every morning, evening, and right after you exercise. When we exercise, our skin excretes a lot of oil and sweat and if you don’t wash them off, all the dirt that is stuck in your skin can easily result in breakouts. Find a face wash or cleanser that is gentle and purifying which you can use every after you are doing an outdoor activity. La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel is a perfect cleanser you can use for your oily skin. It’s gentle but effective in removing the excess oil from your skin. You don’t want something that’s too harsh because it can trigger your skin to produce even more oil. Yikes!

3.     Exfoliate regularly to manage oily skin.

You don’t need to exfoliate your skin every day, but exfoliating at least once a week can help remove all those dead skin cells that clog your pores and triggers your skin to produce excess sebum. Scrubbing your face at least once a week using a trustworthy facial scrub will help remove blackheads, dirt, and other impurities from your face to make way for new skin. This way, your skin will flourish and you get to control the oil production in your skin. It will address a lot of skin problems like flakiness on the top of the other benefits of scrubbing. Just make sure that you are not scrubbing your face too much that it will result in dryness. When your skin gets dehydrated from over exfoliating, it will send a signal to your skin to produce even more oil which you don’t want to happen. One of the best face scrubs for oily skin is the La Colline Cellular Exfoliator.

4.    Choose skin care products that are labeled oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Labels matter when it comes to skin care because it allows you to see what ingredients are used in making these products. You definitely want to know what you are putting on your face. When it comes to choosing the skin care products you are getting, make sure that they are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Since your skin is producing more oil than usual, oil-free products will allow you to still get good benefits but not excess oil. For instance, oil-free moisturizers are greatly beneficial to oily skin types because it doesn’t clog their pores and leave their skin free from oiliness. Non-comedogenic products won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. Face creams like Cellcosmet Ultra Vital and Cellmen Face are non-comedogenic.

5.    Don’t sleep in your makeup.

Throughout the day, your skin will accumulate dirt and it will stick on your makeup. If you sleep without removing your makeup first, you risk your face and might get breakouts. You don’t want all these dirt to get trapped in your pores and cause even more problems. It will also make your skin a lot oilier. Make sure to sleep makeup-free and you will have better skin as you wake up in the morning.

6.    Apply a light moisturizer every day.

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you no longer need to moisturize your face. It is still important to apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Not applying a moisturizer can lead to your skin getting dehydrated and when your skin is dehydrated, your skin will produce even more oil. Choose an oil-free moisturizer instead and apply it daily.

7.    Use blotting papers to get rid of that excess shine.

Isn’t it annoying to have an oily face in the worst scenarios? It’s definitely frustrating for us when we are in an important event and our face just looks like it was dipped in lard. You can’t just wash your face many times all throughout the day, so to remedy that, use blotting papers for the oil to be absorbed.

8.    Make an appointment and see a dermatologist.

Your oily skin may be caused by an underlying issue. We have different skin and one man’s skin care routine may not work that well for you. So to get the best advice and treatment, make an appointment with your dermatologist.

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