5 Steps to Achieving a Fabulous Looking Feet

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If there’s one part of our body that we often neglect, it is our feet. We tend to buy skin care products for our face most of the time, but every inch of our body needs the same attention and care. On average, we take 5000 steps a day and we carry the weight of our body all the way. This alone is an indication that it should also have the same care and attention as the way we give our feet. More so, they reflect points of our feet are connected to our organs, nerves, glands, and other parts of the body.

We often neglect our feet and not check how it is every now and then. But if you look closely, you will find that our feet are one part of our body that shows our age. From nail issues, cracked skin, and calluses – all these are indications of the declining health of our feet. Thankfully, these are things that we can prevent from happening. These are things that we can easily take care of if we start treating our feet the way we treat our face. And that is by adopting a proper skin care routine for it and investing foot skin care products.

Some of the best things we can do to take care of our feet are by washing it properly daily. Just like exfoliating our face and body, scrubbing the soles of our feet can also help remove all the dead skin cells and calluses from building and give way to a new skin. When we start taking care of the skin in our feet, we will also find that our nails get stronger and healthier. Cracked nails are due to poor skin health so to ensure you have beautiful nails, give your feet the pampering it deserves. And more importantly, moisturize it by using a feet lotion or foot cream. There are a lot of benefits you can get from it and with continued use, your feet will certainly look young and healthy.

5 Steps to Achieving a Fabulous Looking Feet - post

Here are five steps to achieving fabulous looking feet.

1. Give your feet a good soaking regularly.

Think of this like you are going for a bath. Baths are really one of the best ways to relax and help your body recharge. After a long tiring day, running a warm bath can help us relax our mind and body. In the same way, you can also give yourself a good foot bath. Start off by soaking your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Your basin of warm water should have Epsom salt which is known to help eliminate toxins in your body. If you are constantly wearing sandals and exposing your feet to a lot of elements, doing it twice a week is recommended.

Foot baths may sound like an extra thing you can live without but it is actually beneficial both for your feet and mind. You will be able to relax and pause from doing a lot of things for a while. Do this often and you will find out that you are not just giving your feet some extra care and attention, but also your overall wellbeing.

2. Exfoliate your feet.

Exfoliation is an essential step to achieving fabulous looking feet. Make sure to scrub your feet to combat dead skin build up. You can either do it by using a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin or you can use a foot scrub. If you don’t have a pumice stone, using a foot scrub is usually the most convenient option. Choose one that contains moisturizing agents that will ensure you are not drying out the skin in your feet. The key here is to minimize the callus formation in your feet.  You will find that if you scrub your feet regularly, your feet will start to feel smooth like that of baby’s feet. Don’t just scrub absentmindedly. Ensure that you also scrub between your toes and the skin underneath your nails.

3. Moisturize with an excellent foot cream for fabulous looking feet.

Foot creams are usually items we don’t think about but they are actually very important to ensure you maintain nice looking and healthy feet. Just like how we moisturize our face, our feet deserve the same kind of treatment. Find a foot cream that contains active ingredients that will penetrate deep into the skin to keep it soft and supple. Your foot cream should contain ingredients that boost hydration. Pay attention to your heels and moisturize it as much as possible especially right after washing. Applying foot creams is one way of giving your feet special attention and get the best results. Cellcosmet & Cellmen Leg n’ Foot-XT is one of the best foot creams that helps restore your skin’s natural processes and slows down skin aging in your feet. It’s formulated to both men and women’s skin and it’s safe to use for all skin types.

4. Massage your feet from time to time.

We get messages all the time so why not do the same for your feet. A foot massage can help bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s tissues so do this more often. If you can do it every day, the better! Doing this regularly will give you healthier skin on your feet, but also improve your overall health and wellbeing.

5. Trim your nails properly.

Improper trimming of your nails can lead to a lot of problems like chipping and worst; painful ingrown nails. In order to avoid this, be careful when you are doing the clipping. Cut them straight and ensure that you don’t cut the sides as it can cause even more problems. Your toenails are the main focus on your feet so you have to make sure that they look their absolute best. Learn to properly cut your toenails and maintain doing this when has grown. If you let someone else do it, inform the person clipping your nails to do it as you wish and properly.

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