10 Things That Happen When You Skip Wearing Sunscreen

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Whatever the season or the weather, there’s one particular skin care product that remains a constant need for us and that is sunscreen. Whether you see the sun is up or not, it is important that we apply it to keep ourselves protected at all times. The sun’s UV rays are lurking everywhere we go and whether we like that glorious sunshine to hit our faces or not, the truth remains that it can potentially cause a lot of damage to our skin. Not to mention the burning sensation we feel if we overexpose ourselves.

10 Things That Happen When You Skip Wearing Sunscreen - post

So without a doubt, sunscreen is an item that we should always apply every day. But oftentimes, this is the skincare item that we always tend to forget or purposely skip. Sometimes we think it is unnecessary. It may not sound like so much of a big deal but the clock is always ticking and the few minutes you expose yourself unprotected, you are adding up more damage to your skin. And as the years go by, this damage can easily result in various other problems. It may be too late to treat it in the long run. But it does not have to be that way. Wearing sunscreen should be something that each of us has to do whatever our situations are. Otherwise, all the consequences that we see now or may experience in the future are something we won’t like.

Here are 10 things that happen when you skip wearing sunscreen.

1. You will start getting more spots on your skin.

The more you are exposed to the sun, the more you will start to see those dark spots appearing on your skin. Melanocyte cells darken when they are exposed to the sun and when they start to clump together, you will notice that more moles are developing in your skin. In most cases, fair-skinned people are more likely to develop with this one. If you start noticing more dark spots in your skin that have changed your appearance, contact your dermatologist immediately and make sure to apply sunscreen.

2. Your skin is going to get burned if you skip wearing sunscreen.

This one is an obvious result of not wearing sunscreen and is also painful. Getting a sunburn is the first sign of sun damage and it’s frustratingly painful. It will result in itchiness, redness, and hotness. And depending on the severity of the burn, you can also get blisters from it. Yikes! You don’t want to get repeated sunburns as it can result in severe skin problems in the future. So apply sunscreen and make sure you apply it all over your body.

3. Your skin ages faster.

The more time you spend exposed to the sun, the faster it is for your skin to age. In no time, you will look older faster than you would expect. Premature wrinkles are something people struggle with a lot even those who are still in their 20’s! So make sure to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin now. If you want a double-purpose cream, find a face cream that contains enough SPF that will protect your face.

4. You increase the chances of getting skin cancer.

Skin cancer is scary and this is something we definitely don’t want to have to suffer now or in the future. It’s alarmingly common but a lot of us tend to shrug it off like it is not. The more time you spend outside without sunscreen, you are putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. Even a few sunburns in your life can actually lead to a risk of getting skin cancer.

5. You can potentially get more breakouts.

When you are constantly exposed to the sun, your skin easily gets dry and damaged. Thus, you have more dead skin cells that clog your pores and make it oilier. When this happens, you increase the chances of getting acne breakouts. Wear sunscreen on a regular basis to not cause a series of skin concerns that may lead to far worse problems in the future.

6. Your skin cells can potentially get genetically changed.

There is a thing called DNA damage and it can be caused by overexposure to sunlight. These changes in the DNA result in carcinogenesis and skin lesions. And as more DNA damage happens over time, it can get out of control. While there is something you can do about it, always protect your skin and apply sunscreen every day.

7. You can get spider veins.

The blood vessels near the surface of our skin can also get damaged. When collagen breaks down beneath our skin, it results in a change in our appearance. One of the results is having spider veins, especially on the cheeks and nose area. You will start seeing your veins becoming more visible and superficial. No amount of cosmetics can easily treat it so if you don’t want to see spider veins permanently appearing on your face, start wearing sunscreen now.

8. You will get scars caused by the sun.

When your skin gets damaged by the sun, you will have wounds in your face and in time will become scars. If they aren’t fully healed, they will be like that for a long time and none of us definitely want that on our skin.

9. Your skin gets dry and dull.

The sun will suck out all the moisture from your skin and the more you expose yourself unprotected, the more your skin gets drier and duller. It will get dehydrated and will leave rough patches on the skin. This is why you must always moisturize it and then wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Apply La Colline Cellular Ideal Hydration Fluid SPF 15 to boost your skin’s hydration.

10. Your skin care regimen becomes nothing.

Even if you have the most extensive skincare routine on the planet, if you don’t wear sunscreen, it’s nothing. It doesn’t take so much time to wear sunscreen. Find the right formula for your skin and when you do, it doesn’t feel like a chore applying it. La Colline White Protector SPF 25 is a good formulation that is suitable for all skin types.

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