Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials


Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials


Cellular Concentrated Complex Intensive Energetic Skin Boost
Extremely dosed in active stabilised bio-integral cells (30%)

Precious case
12 phials x 1ml / Net. 0.03 fl. oz.

All skin types
From age 30

Treatment composed of cellular – cyto – complexes
Revitalising action and rebalancing

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Cellular Concentrated Complex Intensive Energetic Skin Boost
Extremely dosed in active stabilised bio-integral cells (30%)

Precious case
12 phials x 1ml / Net. 0.03 fl. oz.

All skin types
From age 30

Treatment composed of cellular – cyto – complexes
Revitalising action and rebalancing

Suitability – Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials Indications:

  • From age 30
  • All skin types – except sensitive skin
  • Particularly recommended for stressed, devitalised and tired-looking skin

Daily complementary products:

  • Pretreating and shaving skin care: Wash n’ Shave + CellSplash
  • Revitalising cellular skin care: Face or Face Ultra

Weekly complementary products:

  • Deep cleansing skin care: Face Scrub
  • Mask skin care: Rare Mask

Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials Actions

  • Optimises the quality of cellular renewal
  • Reenergises cellular activity
  • Tones and firms cutaneous tissue
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity
  • Corrects the visible signs of cutaneous ageing
  • Strengthens the natural defences of the epidermis
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Revives the complexion – healthy-looking effect
  • Optimises the natural moisture content in the upper layers of the epidermis
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic**
  • Isotonic

Its added value:

  • The only anti-ageing cellular concentrate exclusively formulated for men’s skin
  • An authentic energy boost for your skin!


  • The epidermis is given a veritable “lift”
  • Skin visibly revitalised
  • Healthier and firmer skin
  • Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines
  • Tightened pores
  • More radiant, healthy-looking complexion
  • Particularly spectacular results among smokers

How to Use Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials

  • 4 to 5 times a year as an occasional intensive treatment
  • Length of treatment: 12 days – 1 application every evening

Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials Ingredients


  • Liquid serum

Active Ingredients:

  • Active stabilised bio-integral cells (30%): revitalising, rebalancing
  • Hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans: maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity, high-repair action

**Specially formulated to minimise risk of allergic reactions

Reenergize Your Skin with Cellmen UltraCell Intensive 12 phials

Men like to have the simplest and most basic skincare products in their day-to-day regimen. This will probably just include the skincare staples like cleansers, moisturizers, toners, shaving foams, and sunscreens. To some, it’s probably less than that. Most men are often not as meticulous when it comes to skincare like women. While others follow a multi-step skincare routine, most men like to keep it simple. For this reason, countless men would probably never have thought of stocking this one important skincare product in their bathroom – a serum.

Along with moisturizers and other hydrating skincare products, serums are packed with vitamins and nutrients that help replenish your skin. Unlike creams, serums are packed in small particle sizes which is why they are easier to get absorbed and more deeply into your skin. They make a great intensive treatment for those who are looking to treat dry and dull skin. Serums are also an effective treatment in targeting specific skin issues like dark spots, hyperpigmentation and firming. Dermatologists swear by this excellent concoction in making it more radiant and youthful-looking. For men who are concerned about comfort, serums make a great addition to their skincare routine since it is comfortable to wear and does not clog the pores.

Once men start taking good care of their skin, they’ll most likely start first with the most familiar and not jump into products that they don’t have the knowledge of yet. But after a while, they start to upgrade their shaving foams and creams and switch to high-quality products this time. How can we not? It changes the entire skincare experience and makes it even better. So when serums were introduced to the skin care industry, it has become a sought-out product that is deemed necessary for both men and women.

What makes serums great and relatively more effective is that they are super concentrated and are specifically formulated as anti-aging moisturizers. They make a great treatment in revitalizing the skin and also work as a good pre-treatment before you apply anything else on the skin. Serums are meant to be paired with your regular moisturizers and creams as these products work in tandem for you to achieve smooth and radiant skin. Serums for men offer a rich and higher level of hydration so that they will renew the cells of the skin and at the same time, brighten up the dull complexion.

Cellmen UltraCell Intensive is a cellular concentrated serum extremely dosed in active stabilized bio-integral cells (30%).

These rich active ingredients are responsible for revitalizing the skin and rebalancing the pH levels of your skin. It also contains hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans that are responsible for maintaining your skin’s firmness. This active ingredient has a high-repair action that keeps the elasticity of your skin. Cellmen UltraCell Intensive is suitable for all skin types except for those who have sensitive skin. This serum is highly encouraged to be used for men who are stressed and struggling with devitalized and tired-looking skin.

Cellmen UltraCell Intensive can be used four or five times a year if you are looking for an occasional intensive treatment.

The length of treatment with the use of this serum would be 12 days – one application every evening. This serum is perfect for men from age 30. Men can use this as a daily or weekly complimentary product along with other Cellmen skin care such as Wash n’ Shave, CellSplash, Face, Face Ultra, Rare Mask, and Face Scrub. It’s a great pre-treating product since it helps detoxify your skin before you apply any other skin care product to your skin.

Cellmen UltraCell Intensive guarantees optimization of the quality of cellular renewal in your body.

As we age, our body’s capacity to renew the cells decreases. Even men will have a hard time regaining back their skin’s radiance if they don’t help it function again. This serum reenergizes the cellular activity, tones, firms the cutaneous tissue, and improves the skin’s elasticity. For men who are struggling with sagging skin on their faces, this serum will give back the firmness on their face. Using this intensive treatment can strengthen the natural defenses of the outer layer of the skin and detoxify it. It will revive your complexion so you will achieve that radiant and healthy-looking skin. With the use of this product regularly, you will be able to reduce the visible appearance of skin aging and maintain moisturized skin as it has high levels of moisture that will help you avoid dryness. It’s non-comedogenic so acne-prone men won’t have to worry that this serum will worsen their skin issues. Cellmen UltraCell Intensive is definitely a great addition to your skincare regimen since it is the only anti-aging cellular serum that is exclusively formulated for masculine skin!

Suffice it to say, the men’s grooming industry has evolved dramatically over the years. While it was once considered taboo for men to make an effort in skincare, you will find it now that there are a lot of products today that are now geared to make men experience the best skin of their lives. They are no longer limited to certain hair care, shaving, and skin care brands. Unlike before, men only have a few choices since only a few brands formulate products for men. Men now have an option to choose a moisturizer, cleanser, creams, and serums that they can use to groom themselves – just like women!

As we age, we experience a lot of shifts in our careers, relationships, and personal life. A lot of us will have to deal with the hectic life and when you don’t take care of your skin, you will end up seeing a lot of aging signs early on. Make sure that you take care of your skin not just for grooming purposes but also to keep it healthy and strong. That way, you give your skin a chance to be always at its best state. After all, our skin is our protective layer and it should defend us from any harmful environmental factors. Use Cellmen UltraCell Intensive to reenergize your skin!

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