Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml


Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml


Intensive Revitalising Cellular Skin Care for Men
With active stabilised bio-integral cells (20%) + restructuring and anti-oxydant complexes

Pump dispenser
50ml / Net wt. 1.7 oz.

All skin types
From age 30

Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceutical
Treatment composed of cellular and phyto complexes
Revitalising and wellness treating action

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Intensive Revitalising Cellular Skin Care for Men
With active stabilised bio-integral cells (20%) + restructuring and anti-oxydant complexes

Pump dispenser
50ml / Net wt. 1.7 oz.

All skin types
From age 30

Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceutical
Treatment composed of cellular and phyto complexes
Revitalising and wellness treating action

Suitability – Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml Indications:

  • From age 40 as a daily all year round treatment
  • From age 30 as an occasional revitalising treatment
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Before and after any kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery (face lift, medial peeling, dermabrasion, etc.) or after a prolonged sun exposure

Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml Actions

  • Intensively revitalises the cutaneous structure
  • Optimises the quality of cellular renewal
  • Targets the visible effects of skin ageing (lines, slackening)
  • Restructures, moisturises* and nourishes
  • Fortifies the cutaneous structure and improves its resistance to external aggressions and shaving
  • Provides an immediate long-lasting soothing action

Its added value:

  • The only extremely concentrated cellular anti-ageing cream excusively formulated for men’s skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Skin revitalised, nourished and soothed
  • Skin better moisturised* and more supple
  • Healthy-looking, even complexion
  • Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines

How to Use Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml

  • Morning and evening throughout the year
  • Apply Cellmen Face Ultra evenly to the face and neck area and gently massage in
  • Avoid the eye contour

Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml Ingredients


  • Fine, non-greasy, smooth, rapidly absorbed cream

Active Ingredients:

  • Active stabilised bio-integral cells (20%): Revitalising and rebalancing
  • Hyaluronsilanol Complex: Restructuring, hydrating and cellular protection
  • Squalane: Protective, relipidating and hydrating*
  • Fibrelastin Complex: Restructuring and renews elastin
  • Vitamins C and E: Anti-pigmentation, cellular protectors, anti-oxydant
  • D-Panthénol: Repairing and soothing

* of the upper layers of the epidermis

5 Ways that Makes Cellmen Face Ultra 50 ml the Best Skincare for Men

Achieving youthful and clear-looking skin can make any man confident. No matter how great your clothes are or how expensive your shoes are, you can never achieve that best feeling in the world if you are not comfortable with your own skin. This is why in today’s modern world; men’s grooming and skincare routines are essentially taken into serious consideration. After all, with the continuous advancement of technology, we now have limitless access to a lot of products that are beneficial to both men and women. There are hundreds, or even thousands of choices on anti-aging creams, moisturizers, acne treatments, cleansers, and so forth. This leads to the question; what is the best skin care product for men?
When it comes to skincare products for men, it is nothing different from women. It is still all about the skin. Most people would definitely want to take good care of their skin but they do not exactly know where to neither start nor choose the products that their skin actually needs. Choosing the right product for your specific skin type is a high priority and should be the greatest factor that should affect your buying decision. The wrong product can destroy the while skin care regimen and can be a waste of time, money, and effort.
One of the best products on the market today is the Cellmen Face Ultra and here are five ways why it is considered the best one there is when it comes to men skin care.

1. It specifically targets skin aging problems such as fine lines and wrinkles and corrects them.

With the number of factors that contribute to tired skin, fine lines, and premature skin aging, finding the right product that can help in renewing the skin is hard to come by. The good news is that Cellmen Face Ultra is one of the best men’s skin care products that specifically target skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It has active ingredients that help in restructuring, nourishing, and moisturizing your skin to reduce the appearance of these fine lines and give you back youthful-looking skin. It is proven to provide a treating action to men’s skin as it is formulated with a concentrated cellular anti-aging cream that is exclusive to men’s skin. Unlike most anti-aging creams, this one has the right ingredient designed specifically to target fine lines and wrinkles.

2. It is designed for all skin types.

Knowing the right product for your skin type is everything. However, most men may find it difficult to find the right product for their specific skin type which can lead to wrong choices of products. Men’s skin type is categorized into oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin. Some creams may work on multiple skin types while others don’t. With Cellmen Face Ultra, you don’t need to worry if it suits you since it is formulated for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin. Oily-skinned men will be able to regulate oil production on their faces without drying. Those with dry skin can get the most of Face Ultra’s hydrating power. For men with sensitive skin, it is vital to use products that are jam-packed with soothing ingredients since they are more prone to irritation after applying skincare products. Face Ultra includes protective and soothing ingredients, specifically Squalane and D-Panthenol, to protect sensitive skin.

3. It is non-comedogenic.

For men that have acne-prone skin, choosing a proper skin care product that is also non-comedogenic is important. To understand what this means, it comes from the word comedo or in simple terms a pimple. It is a result of excess sebum production that is then combined with dead skin cells and more often than not, bacteria that clogs up the pores. To put it into context, non-comedogenic products are those that avoid more production of sebum in your skin to avoid pimple build-up. Non-comedogenic products are those that are typically oil-free. They do the removal of excess oils in the skin maintains the moisture of the skin because it does not strip off the natural nutrients in the skin. This is why using non-comedogenic cleansers or creams is vital for acne-prone skin. Cellmen Face Ultra is non-comedogenic that is greatly beneficial whether you have sensitive skin or not.

4. It strengthens the cutaneous structure of your skin to fight off any external aggressions.

Men are more likely to face external aggressions on the skin compared to women since most men shave their beards regularly. This leads to a lot of irritation and other skin issues if the skin is not well protected. When the skin starts to weaken, it reacts more to external aggression resulting in more serious skin problems. In order to combat this, the skin needs to be having a sort of protective shield so it can defend itself properly. Cellmen Face Ultra is formulated to revitalize the cutaneous structure of the skin and strengthen it. This way, the skin will have improved resistance to any external aggressions to the skin and protect it while shaving.

5. It is a trusted product from a trusted brand.

Choosing the right products to be included in a man’s skincare regimen is crucial to the success of one’s skincare journey. One way to determine if it is a high-quality product is if it is manufactured by a well-established and trusted skincare company. Cellap Laboratoire maintains high-quality standards with their products which is the reason why Face Ultra is known as one of the best products for men skin care. They have established their name as the expert in cellular technology, making them an authority in cosmetic science. In order to maintain this standing, they only distribute their products to selected cosmetic stores, beauty salons, and spas that have extensive knowledge and in-depth training on their products’ work. This goes to show that including Cellmen Face Ultra in your skincare routine is definitely one of your best skincare decisions.

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