Night Cream: Why You Shouldn’t Skip It Before You Sleep

It’s when we finally arrive home after a long day that we just want to go to our beds instantly especially if it had been a long day. Sometimes, we don’t want to go through the hassle of removing makeup altogether just to get that well-deserved sleep. And even if we cleanse our face at night, there are definitely times when we just can’t be bothered by following our nighttime skincare routine. After all, we’ve already done a proper skincare routine in the morning. Wouldn’t it be enough to cover until you go to sleep?

But our skin works differently at night and when it has gone through a lot in the mornings, it needs special treatment at night time. As our skin’s rhythm changes a night, it transforms its actions from the defensive role in repairing any damage accumulated by your skin all throughout the day.

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t skip a night cream before going to bed.

1. It promotes cell renewal.

Considering the damage your skin gets during mornings when exposed to a lot of harmful elements, it needs a little boost to speed up tissue repair. As we grow older, our skin’s ability to renew itself at night tends to slow down so it can be quite hard for your skin to recover if you don’t take care of it. Thankfully, night creams are formulated for this specific concern as it promotes cell renewal. It boosts skin regeneration while you get a good night’s sleep. La Colline Absolute White Night Cream makes a good night cream for you to fight off those damage caused by a lot of external stress factors.

2. It locks in the moisture on your skin.

When you start noticing a lot of dry patches in your skin, it needs a constant supply of hydration and moisture in order for it to heal. Night creams are formulated to lock in the moisture in your face at night so that while you are having a good night’s sleep, your face doesn’t end up dehydrated once you wake up in the morning. For a lot of women who are already in their 30’s and are already experiencing the visible signs of aging, Cellcosmet Concentrated Night makes a perfect night cream to use to restore the moisture on your skin.

3. It contains skin-rebuilding ingredients which are necessary to heal your skin.

When the skin is damaged, it can be due to the loss of water and collagen. When this happens, your skin will find it hard to recover. This is why applying a night cream is important as it boosts collagen in your skin. It supplies other essential vitamins and nutrients to your skin for it to restructure itself again.

4. Night creams help one have better blood circulation.

When your skin has good blood circulation, it will look healthy and glowing. Good blood circulation provides oxygen and helps carry out all the waste products like free radicals from your cells. This will also carry out the nutrients to your working cells to your skin. When there is proper blood circulation, your skin tone will look even and radiant.

5. It helps the skin stay soft and supple.

Using night creams should not be something one will use when you already start seeing skin issues. Young people should start taking care of their skin as early as possible to prevent the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For instance, women in their teens or early twenties can start using a lightweight night cream such as the Cellcosmet Juvenil Night to maintain the skin’s softness and suppleness. This night cream will ensure that your skin remains younger-looking as you age.

6. It helps prevent further damage to your skin in the future.

Using night creams is a preventive measure for any further damage. Wouldn’t you want to have something that will prevent your skin from getting any worse in the future? Cellcosmet Preventive Night is the perfect night cream that will not only treat your skin at night but do a lasting action in preventing any further damage in the future.

7. It soothes the face.

Perhaps one of the most basic and important benefits you get when you don’t skip a night cream is that you will have something that will soothe your skin. For instance, if your skin has gone through a lot of external aggression in the morning like being exposed to the searing heat of the sun, applying a night cream at night will instantly soothe the skin especially for sensitive types. Cellcosmet Sensitive Night is a good night cream for sensitive types that will provide the right kind of moisture and vitamins to the skin.

8. It prevents the skin from sagging.

Skin sagging is probably one of the worst fears that one can experience. When it comes to the worst, it becomes very hard to restore it to its former glory. Applying night creams regularly will keep your skin elasticity and help prevent skin sagging. Night creams serve as intensive treatments to your skin so you won’t have to worry about it looking old and saggy in the future.

9. A night cream refines your skin texture.

Night creams are specifically formulated to work at night. When you include this in your routine before going to bed, you are giving your skin double the care and attention it needs, and not only will it help make your skin soft and smoother, it will also make your complexion even and have a nice texture.

10. It complements the benefits you get from your day cream.

Using a night cream will provide a 24-hour cycle of protection and revitalization to your skin. While your day cream works as a protective skin care product throughout the day, night creams provide continuous action to your skin even while you sleep! It’s a good complimentary product – one that provides loads of benefits to your skin.


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