How a Sheet Mask Benefits Your Skin

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Skincare has evolved in so many ways. Whether it is to address acne or dark spots, lighten or brighten skin, or just to look flawless in general, there are already a number of skin care products and procedures one can avail to achieve their specific skin concerns. One of the products that remains a popular trend for so many years are sheet masks. You will often hear about the many sheet mask benefits that can make the skin better than it already is.

But what exactly is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask is basically a thin piece of cotton that is soaked in hydrogel or serum that you can apply in your skin whenever you want or need to. Moreover, it is packaged individually which makes it a very convenient item to use whether you are on-the-go or not.

Here are 8 types of a sheet mask that are popularly used today.

1. Biocellulose mask

This type of sheet mask is made of natural fiber or made of good bacteria. Unlike other types of sheet masks, they adhere snugly on the skin and works well because the ingredients don’t evaporate as quickly.

2. Microfiber sheet mask

This type is the most common as it is made out of super-rich microfiber. It feels similar to cotton and is considered a cheaper option among others.

3. Hydrogel mask

Compared to microfiber masks, hydrogel masks are made out of a slicker material. They are a bit thicker and look more transparent on top of your skin, unlike cotton-based masks.

4. Foil sheet mask

This type of sheet mask uses foil on the outside to prevent the liquid and other ingredients from evaporating.

5. Knit masks

This type of sheet mask uses 100% pure cotton which makes it a lot heavier and also longer compared to other sheet masks. They don’t just cover the face, but also the neck area.

6. Ampoule sheet mask

Ampoule sheet masks are two products in one. With this, you’ll have to apply an ampoule or a serum first on your skin and massage it in circular motions. Right after that, you can then apply a sheet mask on top of it for the ingredients to penetrate deeper on the skin.

7. Bubbling sheet masks

This type of mask is made of charcoal, detoxifying ingredients, and sparkling water. Upon application, it forms a foam on top of the sheet mask.

8. Clay and charcoal sheet mask

This type of mask is in black color as they are enriched in clay or charcoal. This type of mask is what you should use to draw out skin inflammation and excess oils.

Sheet masks continuously evolve over the years. Nevertheless, all these sheet masks provide the benefits our skin needs.

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Here are 5 sheet mask benefits you should know.

1. It provides deep hydration to your skin.

Sheet masks are often used twice or thrice a week and they are one of the skin care products that can effectively drench your skin with hydration deep into your skin. With every single use, you will be able to achieve a rejuvenating, plumping, and firming effect in your appearance. Hydrating sheet masks are absolutely useful when you are in situations where your skin needs some boost of hydration. One example is when you are traveling by air and airplanes are really harsh on the skin. Putting a hydrating sheet mask will help take off that tired-looking skin. Cellcosmet CellCollagen Eye Contour is a hydrating and plumping cellular sheet mask that can effectively treat tired-looking eyes and at the same time, reduce the signs of aging in the eye contour area. It corrects wrinkles, lightens dark circles, and reduce the puffiness. This is a good product to use when you are on the go or if you just want to give your eyes a well-deserved treatment after a long day.

2. It helps clear out the toxins on your face.

If you want to detoxify your skin, a sheet mask will do just that. Every single day, our skin has to combat allergens, pollution, dirt, and other external factors that can potentially cause damage to the skin. Because of this, we need to draw out all the toxins from our delicate skin from time to time to ensure that it remains healthy. One of the best ways to do this is by applying a detoxifying sheet mask. These are the ones that contain charcoal, algae, and other detoxifying ingredients.

3. It brightens the skin in an instant.

As we age, our skin starts to not look as radiant as before. We often notice a dull appearance, but this is something we can help solve with a sheet mask instantly. A brightening sheet mask will help lighten tired skin and dark spots. By using it daily, you will be able to restore the luster of your skin.

4. It helps treat acne

There are types of sheet masks that specifically treat acne-prone skin. These are sheet masks that contain calming ingredients and a small amount of salicylic acid. If you plan on using this type of sheet mask, make sure to use them sparingly as using them too much might cause more problems especially if you have very sensitive skin.

5. A sheet mask is an effective anti-aging product.

As reach a certain age, we will start to notice the appearance of signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, smile lines, crow’s feet, and more. This is why maintaining a good skin care routine is very important to ensure our skin delays these signs of aging. One of the best ways to ensure your skin is getting enough treatment is by the use of anti-aging sheet masks. They contain ingredients that help reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles. Cellcosmet CellCollagen Face and Neck is a sheet mask that provides anti-aging benefits both on the face and neck. It helps reshape, plump, and smooth out the skin in your face and neck. It’s a great addition to your skin care routine that will surely provide the results you want.

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