3 Reasons Why Hand Skin Care is Important

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One part of our body that allows us to express affection to our loved ones is our hands. When we soothe a crying child or simply spend some time with someone, our hands play a huge role in offering comfort or just making someone feel warm. Our hands also play a huge role in connecting with other people whether it is just for a casual talk or a business setting. You use it to shake hands when you greet people and because of it, we need to make sure that it is at its best state when it comes to appearance and overall health.

When it comes to skincare, we are often more leaned towards taking care of our face because we think that it’s the only part of our body that shows age. But that is definitely not true. Our neck as well as other parts of our body, especially our hands, shows age. It’s the part of our body that we often use a lot for doing different kinds of maneuvers and chores. It is constantly exposed to different types of chemicals and other external aggressions. This makes it one of the most vulnerable parts of our body.

We are told since we were children to always wash our hands and know why it is important. During the whole course of our day, we are exposed to all sorts of germs, bacteria, and dirt, and washing them is the only way to get rid of them. But what most of us are not aware of is that frequent washing helps for sanitary purposes alone, but it does not help in keeping our skin retaining its moisture. When you are constantly washing your hands using soap and water, it will strip off your skin’s natural oils. This is why we get dry and wrinkled hands. On top of that, if you are constantly exposed to sunlight and other sorts of chemicals all throughout the day, the skin in your hand area will age faster than before. This is exactly why hand skin care is important.

Hand skin care is extremely important and here are some skin concerns that one should be worried about.

1. Age Spots

Age spots are brown or reddish-brown spots that appear on the hands due to constant exposure to sunlight. The harmful rays of the sun can cause this pigmentation when your hands are left unprotected. As you age, it will gradually increase its size and the longer you spend time out in the sun, the more it gets worse.

2. Dry and wrinkly hands

The palm of our hands does not have any sebaceous glands which means that it doesn’t have its own oil glands so when you constantly wash it and do not apply lotion or cream, it can easily get dry and wrinkly. Dry hands can leads also to flaking and rough patches. Whether or not you care about your hands’ appearance, having dry hands can be extremely annoying.

3. Visible veins

One of the effects of not taking care of your hands is visible veins. Healthy and young-looking hands will always have that fullness. When you are not treating your hands properly, it will eventually lead to having visible veins and can really bother you in the long run.

So what is the proper hand skin care and what sort of steps we can do to ensure that the skin in our hands remains beautiful, soft, and healthy?

It’s actually simple than you think. Taking care of our hands doesn’t need to be complicated. The important thing that you need to remember is that you should incorporate hand skin care in your daily routine to help your hands feel and look good. Build a basic hand skin care routine to maintain your skin’s health and young appearance. Give yourself a little knowledge so you can understand how to properly wash and protect your hands right after. You should understand that our skin is composed of layers and the outer layer of our skin is mostly made out of dead skin cells. This is surrounded by natural oils which serve as a protective shield. By not using harmful products like soap made out of strong chemicals, you will be able to keep the natural oil in your hands that will serve as a shield from germs and other irritants.

Choosing proper skin care products is necessary as well in order to achieve youthful-looking hands. When you are on the lookout for a new hand wash, make sure to choose one that contains mild ingredients but is effective enough in thoroughly cleansing your hands. Make sure to check the label and see if it has active ingredients that can effectively restore your skin’s balance.

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Hand creams and lotions are also important products that you should have with you. They allow your hands to become more protected as well as regain their natural and beautiful look. Two of the best hands creams for women today are La Colline Cellular Vital Hand Cream and Cellcosmet Hand Cream. Both products have technical anti-aging properties that clarify, firm, and reduce the appearance of spots on your skin. And at the same time, it is great on the skin. Upon application, it’s not sticky and has an undeniable cooling effect on the skin.

Men also need to ensure that their hands are well taken care of. One of the best hand creams available for men today is the Cellmen CellHands – a cellular hand cream treatment that contains active stabilized bio-integral cells and plant ceramides. These active ingredients effectively remove the appearance of pigmentation spots as well as dullness from your hands. It’s one of the best products for hands that can prevent the appearance of visible signs of skin aging. If you are on the lookout for a hand cream that nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs the skin, this is the best product you should have.

Hand skin care is important. Not only because our hands is a delicate part of our body, but because of the fact that our hands do things for us and it’s high time it gets its proper care as well.

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