How to Heal Dry and Chapped Lips Fast

The lips are our face’s most important focal point which is why it is important that you take good care of it. It’s one of the parts of our body that does not have sebaceous glands which is why it easily gets dry and chapped. And when you don’t give it the right kind of treatment, it can be hard to nurse it back to its original health. Moreover, dry and chapped lips can get very painful and annoying especially when you are in cold temperatures. It can even cause bleeding.

A lot of us may only experience this severity on various points all throughout the year but that does not mean chapped lips only happen during the winter season. It can still get dry, sore, and rough any time of the year especially if you don’t give it special care. You could be your own worst enemy when it comes to having healthy lips so before it’s too late, give your lips the right kind of products and treatment that it needs.

So how do you heal dry and chapped lips fast?

It’s a lot more than buying the right kind of products. First of all, a change in lifestyle is important in this matter. First and foremost, you will need to stay hydrated – inside and out. Your body’s state on the inside will ultimately reflect on the outside. So if you are dehydrated, your skin will definitely show how dehydrated it is as well. So make sure to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables that will provide the vitamins and nutrients needed in your body. This is absolutely necessary not just to stay healthy on the inside but also to remain flawlessly beautiful. Remind yourself to hydrate every day, especially if you have to constantly expose yourself under the sun, to prevent dry skin and lips.


Prevention is the key to making sure that your lips remain healthy and moisturized. Our lips are always exposed to harmful elements and brutal temperatures and when it is not protected, it will result in painfully chapped lips. The skin in our lips is very thin and delicate so you will need to make sure that it has enough protection before you expose yourself to a lot of environmental aggressions. If you have to go out under the sun, make sure to apply a lip balm that has sun protection to prevent it from getting burned. Otherwise, it can lead to dryness and peeling which is absolutely painful on one’s part. On the other hand, if you have to expose yourself to cold air, cover your mouth as cold air can extremely dry out one’s lips. Covering them will help keep them protected under ruthless temperatures.

Products that contain allergens can also cause a lot of irritation and inflammation especially to those who have sensitive lips. So as a precaution, steer clear of products like perfumes, cosmetics, and other fragrances that contain allergens. Keep them away from all these ingredients away from your lips to prevent any skin problems, not just with your lips but your whole face. If you are going to have to use lip balms, choose something that contains natural and active ingredients that will keep your lips moisturized. If you can, try to avoid using flavored lip balms as you can easily get tempted to lick them. They may be tasty and fun, but the temptation of licking your lips can lead to dryness and cracked lips. Instead of preventing dryness, it will only make it worse. Moreover, avoid constantly licking your lips as our saliva can evaporate faster and it will turn our lips even drier than they were before. It will only make things worse.

But all these things are just precautions and methods that will allow you to keep your chapped lips from worsening.

Here are 3 ways how to heal dry and chapped lips fast.

1. Moisturize chapped lips using the right product.

To keep your lips from drying out any further, make sure to use a moisturizer for the lips to keep them from drying any further. Find a product that contains ingredients like petroleum or beeswax which effectively hold moisture and lock it in. Before you go to bed at night, slather a good amount of these moisturizers on your lips. You can also use ointments like cocoa butter or coconut oil to moisturize your skin. This will make the outer layer of your lips softer so they won’t get cracked even further. This helps speed up the healing of your chapped lips. Another way to moisturize your lips and heal them faster is to use revitalizing lip care. What makes it a perfect solution to dry and chapped lips is that these products are specifically made for the skin on the lips. It contains corrective ingredients that will restructure the skin around the lips and keep it hydrated, nourished, and protected. One of the best revitalizing lip care available in the La Colline Cellular Lip and Contour Remodelling Care. With just a few uses of this lip care product, your lips are re-plumped and will instantly feel soft and supple. Dry and chapped lips are quickly treated with their active correct ingredients. Furthermore, it helps protect your lips from visible signs of aging.

2. Exfoliate rough and dead skin cells around the lips gently.

Exfoliating can either do good or bad to your skin. So when it comes to healing your dry and chapped lips quickly, you need to make sure that you exfoliate gently. Exfoliating the dead skin cells will help your lips absorb moisture. Dead skin cells will only block the products. So use a gentle exfoliator like sugar scrub and gently remove those rough and dead skin cells. Make sure to follow it up with a moisturizer.

3. Call your doctor and know how to heal dry and chapped lips.

In some serious cases, treating dry and chapped lips on your own may not be as effective. In some cases, it won’t completely heal especially if there is an underlying condition. If this is the case, seek medical help immediately and let your doctor treat your dry and chapped lips.

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