Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules


Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules


A gift for the joint.

Package containing 240 capsules

Vita Healthcare
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A gift for the joint.

Package containing 240 capsules

Health Supplement with glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal functions of cartilage and bones.

Suitability – Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules Indications:

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose-free
  • Suitable for diabetics.

Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules Actions

  • Contributes to normal collagen formation for normal cartilage and bone function.

Recommended Intake of Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules

  • Take 3 capsules daily with a glass of water (2dl).

Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules Ingredients

Crustacean Sodium Glucosamine Sulfate, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Algae Sulfur Containing Agar Polysaccharides, Vegetable Capsule Shell: Hydroxymethylcellulose, Manganese Citrate, Copper Citrate, Chromium Chloride, Coloring: Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex.

Increase Your Mobility with Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules

We use our joints every single day whether we do extreme outdoor activities or not. To perform our day-to-day tasks, we move around a lot so our bones and joints must be at their best. When you don’t give it the proper care that it needs, it can result in some complications later on in life which include inflammation and joint pains. Moving around will then suddenly becomes a burden and it becomes harder to do some activities. Moreover, at this age, our body hardly absorbs vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healing the body.

For all those reasons, it is important that we take care of our bodies and put in more effort in ensuring that our joints are healthy every single day. This way, doing our everyday tasks won’t be frustratingly hard to do. Our joints must get all the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need for them to function properly and repair any damage. It has to be in its best state to build strong bones and muscles. Most of the time, a lot of people forget the importance of improving their skeletal structure. More often than not, people are more focused on building muscles when keeping the joints and bones healthy is also extremely important since it is what keeps you moving further. They are the essential parts of our bodies that help us get moving freely.

Lack of nutrition and improper care can lead to certain conditions like arthritis and other joint-related pains. When one gets arthritis, it can potentially affect one’s life. Moving around and doing the things that you love becomes a daunting task. Not to mention the moderate to severe pain that one experiences when trying to move. The severity of the pain will also depend on the type of arthritis. However, before it gets to that level, one can always make sure that they have healthy joints by giving them the right nutrients and vitamins early on paired with a balanced and healthy diet.

You must do this while you are young and able. When we reach a certain age in life, our body no longer functions the same, and most of the time, our body’s capacity to repair itself slows down. Moreover, when that happens, it becomes a lot harder for our bodies to absorb vitamins and nutrients that it need – essential nutrients that repair bodily functions. This is where food supplements come in. These food supplements are formulated to specifically target body concerns and repair them.

Vita Health Care has formulated a groundbreaking supplement specifically made for the joints – the Vita Mobility Complex 240 capsules.

Vita Mobility Complex, offered by Vita Health Care AG, is the supplement you need for optimal joint health. If you’re looking for products that support bones and cartilage, this formula contains all the active ingredients necessary for the formation of normal collagen in the body, normal cartilage, and proper bone function. Enriched with high-quality vital substances and essential trace elements, it also includes natural components that support your ligaments, connective tissue, and articular cartilage.

Additionally, these nutrients provide the body with benefits for cardiovascular health, eye health, and overall bone health. This capsule-based food supplement can be consumed daily to ensure your body is consistently supplied with the vital nutrients it needs to promote health and beauty. Vita Health Care AG is here to help you choose the right Vita products to fulfill your health and wellness goals.

Vita Mobility Complex contains an essential ingredient that aids in building one’s tendons, ligaments, and cartilage which is a Shellfish crustacean glucosamine sulfate.

This supplement also contains chondroitin sulfate sodium which helps in repairing one’s joints. It also has manganese citrate which is an active ingredient that also helps in aiding the formation of connective tissues and bones. Moreover, Vita Mobility Complex also has copper citrate which is a natural ingredient that improves any wounds or inflammation and effectively treats brittle bones. This food supplement also has chromium chloride which is a nutritional supplement that helps relieve inflammation and joint pains.

When our body reaches an age where the natural function of repairing it slows down, you must give the right supplement with high-quality ingredients that can specifically target the body’s concern. It is important as well that you start minding your joint health early on so you won’t experience severe pains later in life. Vita Mobility Complex supplement will give you your money’s worth and time since it already has everything that you need to repair your joints.

Vita Mobility Complex is easy to consume. You just need to take three capsules every day with lots of water. Drinking this daily and paired with a balanced diet will give you stronger muscles and bones. Your joints will also feel superb. Whether you are active in outdoor activities or not, our bodies are always on the move and when you are not careful, the joints experience wear and tear which makes the simplest daily activities hard to perform.

Vita Mobility Complex is gluten-free, lactose-free, and safe for diabetic people. Although, this food supplement is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women and should be kept away from children. This is not also suitable for anyone taking blood thinners. This should not replace a good and balanced diet, but rather, take this food supplement as complementary nutrients for your body.

To keep the body moving at its best, good collagen formation and bone function are necessary. Vita Mobility Complex gives these great health benefits to the body so you can age gracefully – full of energy and mobility. Despite the highs and lows of life, your body can keep up when you have the right supplements at hand.

Nobody wants to experience a hard life as they get older. For this reason alone, you must take care of your health and repair any damage. Your joints need utmost care since it is what keeps us moving and freely let us do the things that we want to do. Otherwise, your time will be spent dealing with unnecessary joint pains that could be avoided when you just give your body the right supplements. Vita Mobility Complex would make a great addition to your health needs and increase your mobility as you age.


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