La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml


La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml


The Cellular Vital Cream boosts the cells’ vital activities, improves elasticity, firms the facial contours and restores the skin’s youthful tone. Its delicate creamy texture renders the skin a matte finish for a comfortable velvety feel. Revitalized, the face looks fuller and firmer, with a youthful look

Content: 30 ml

La Colline
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The ideal solution for skin in need of firmness and comfort after exposure to stress, this cream reactivates cellular metabolism and instantly soothes the tight, pulling sensations. Its firming and anti-aging ingredients reshape the facial contours while reducing the visible signs of aging. Its nourishing oils leave the skin soft and comfortable.

Content: 30 ml

La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml Results

Restores tone, firmness, and elasticity of the skin. Nourishes and bolsters skin protective barrier, while redefining facial contours.

How to Use La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml

Apply morning and/or night after Cellular Night Elixir or Cellular Vital Serum, especially after exposure to cold, wind, or sun.

La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml Ingredients

CMAge Complex/HDS System/Vitamin E/Camelina & Jojoba Oils/Rose & Mallow Extract/Shorea Butter/

La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml: The Ideal Solution to Fatigued Skin

We live an extremely busy world today. With so many things to juggle all at once, it can lead to a lot of stress and fatigue. Without you knowing it, it has taken a toll with your skin’s health. Stress can have adverse effects on the skin. A few of these effects would be dryness, dullness, acne breakouts, and the early appearance of wrinkles. You will start to notice that your skin is not as healthy and glowing as it was before. It becomes more apparent that your skin is no longer in a good state like it was before.

Poor skin can also be caused by some other reasons. It could be hereditary. But it could also be due to poor lifestyle. What you put your body through can greatly affect your skin. What you also eat and drink can also affect your skin. If you eat too much food that has no nutritional value of some sort, it will always show on your skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and it is connected to our vital organs inside the body. So whatever the state you have on the inside, it will definitely show on the outside most especially as you age.

Exposure to a lot of harmful elements can also affect your skin. Constant exposure to pollution, constant weather changes, and other environmental factors can take a toll on one’s skin especially if you are not protecting it. Every day as we head out of our homes, we meet a lot of harmful elements and it can do a lot of damage to the skin. When we are not protecting it, it gets harder for the skin to recover from all the damage it has received.

This is exactly the reason why investing in skincare products is important. You need all the help you can have to protect your skin and treat any damage. Skincare products such as sunscreen, face creams, moisturizers, serums, and more, can help protect the outer layer of your skin and at the same time, it also provides intensive treatment so your skin can recover from intense damage. These skincare products can also help your skin restore back its natural functions. As we age and with so much damage, the functions of our skin may decrease gradually and it needs all the help it can get to go back to its normal functioning.

For a skin who has been affected by stress and other harmful factors, it is going to need a lot of moisturizing and hydration. These help aid the loss on your skin and helps renew the cells. Moisturizing the skin will help revitalize tired, dull, and dry skin. This is why there are so many moisturizers, face creams, serums, and other hydrating products out in the market today. These products are specifically formulated to revitalize the skin and restore it to its natural beauty.

La Colline, a trusted and quality skincare brand in the world, has designed a rich face cream that provides a solution to these skin problems.

La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream 30 ml is an ideal solution for the skin that is in need of firmness and comfort after too much exposure to stress. This rich cream helps reactivate cellular metabolism and it instantly soothes tight and pulling sensations that you have on your skin. This cream has firming and anti-aging ingredients that help reshape the facial contours and it also reduces the visible signs of aging on the skin. It contains nourishing oils that will leave your skin soft and comfortable to touch.

La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream contains groundbreaking ingredients that make this face cream one of the most competitive ingredients out in the skincare market.

It has all the natural and active ingredients that guarantee a solution to the fatigued skin. It has the CMAge Complex, HDS System, Vitamin E, Camelina and Jojoba Oils, Rose and Mallow Extract, and Shorea Butter. These ingredients contain natural antioxidants that help the skin recover from the damage caused by harmful free radicals. This also promotes your skin’s metabolism so it is able to regenerate new cells – a function that slowly decreases as we age.

With consistent application of this cream, you will achieve a youthful-looking skin once again – free from the effects of stress and fatigue. Make sure to apply this every morning and/or night after you have applied the Cellular Night Elixir or the Cellular Vital Serum, especially after your skin is exposed to the sun, wind, or cold. With this face cream, your skin’s firmness and elasticity are restored and improved. Your skin is also now more toned. It nourishes and strengthens your skin’s protective barrier and at the same time, you will have a more redefined facial contours.

You don’t have to look any further for a face cream that will help you intensively treat tired and fatigued skin. This face cream is all you need to effectively improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. La Colline is an expert in skin cellular technology so you can be assured that you will definitely get the results you wanted. You can be guaranteed of a face cream that will help renew your skin cells to restore your youthful glow and strengthen your protective barrier. Your overall skin health is also restored to its former glory.

We can’t avoid all the responsibilities that we have to attend every single day. But what we can control is how we face it and not forget to take care of ourselves at the same time. Make sure to include La Colline Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream in your daily skincare regimen to provide the best care for your skin. Our skins deserve extra care and attention and the best way to do it would be to invest a good quality face cream. Make this a priority and you will see a huge difference. With this cream, you don’t need to find other solution to your fatigued skin.

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