La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml


La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml


The gel texture of this anti-aging cleanser offers the skin absolute purity and long-lasting freshness. Ideal for combination or oily skin, it refines the skin’s texture. Clear and radiant, the skin is revitalized.

Content: 150 ml

La Colline


The gel texture of this anti-aging cleanser offers the skin absolute purity and long-lasting freshness. Ideal for combination or oily skin, it refines the skin’s texture. Clear and radiant, the skin is revitalized.

Content: 150 ml

La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml Results

Skin is clean and radiant, with a refined texture.


Apply morning and night to damp skin, massage gently, and rinse well. Finish with Cellular Bio-Smoothing Tonic.

La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml Ingredients

CMAge® Complex/Plantago Extract/Mallow Extract/Rosemary/Sage

Absolute Purity with La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml

There are so many factors that could cause can breakouts and other skin problems to our face. But mostly this is because we have not cleaned it properly and thoroughly after a long day. As we head out of our respective offices, schools, and other places we are headed during mornings, our skin has to face so many environmental aggressions such as pollution, weather, and chemicals. As we sweat, dirt and grime can stick to our face and at the end of the day; these nasty stuff accumulates and clings to our skin. For this particular reason, it is important that you cleanse the skin at the end of the day to remove all the dirt buildup and makeup from your face. Not doing so will cause a lot of skin issues. You definitely don’t want that entire gunk sticking to your face.

In every skincare routine, it should always start with a good cleansing process. Before applying any other skin care product such as moisturizer, face creams, and serums, your face should be free from sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup. Without doing so, our skin won’t be able to breathe from all those impurities and every day, it will accumulate causing breakouts that lead to severe acne you don’t want to deal with.

So what product should you use when cleansing your face? It is vital that you choose a skin cleanser that is gentle and does not cause any irritation to your face. Most of the time, using regular soaps for your face can cause dryness and inflammation. It can also strip off the natural oils from your skin. These soaps have higher pH levels which can cause drastic effects on the skin. This is also the reason why after using soaps, one would often feel tightness in their face. In order to avoid this, the use of gentle cream cleansers or cleansing gels is encouraged instead. They have a lower pH level and do not have any harmful ingredients that can strip the natural oils from the skin. Moreover, there are gentle but effective in deeply cleansing the face.

For those who are struggling with an oily or combination skin, it can be quite a challenge to find a cleanser that fits perfectly for their skin type. We all have different skin types and it is important that you have one that is designed for you. Some products may not work well with all skin types. For those who have oily or combination skin type, you need to find a cleanser that can thoroughly remove all those excess oils and not leave your face looking shiny. Most of the time, cleansers are often heavy on moisturizing agents that it can leave the skin of someone who has an oily face even more oily. This is quite a bit of a challenge because there are cleansers that are not fit for oily and combination skin.

Thankfully, La Colline, a leading skincare brand in the world, has formulated a cleansing gel that thoroughly cleanses oily and combination skin. La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel 150 ml is an anti-aging cleanser with a gel texture that offers absolute purity and long-lasting freshness to the skin. It makes the face clear and radiant. The skin is also revitalized.

Cellular Cleansing Gel contains natural and active ingredients that effectively cleanses and purifies the skin. It has CMAge Complex, Plantago Extract, Mallow Extract, Rosemary, and Sage. The Plantago extract in this cleanser is anti-inflammatory which makes it safe to use for the face. It helps you prevent any irritation and redness on the skin.

Apply this cleansing gel on mornings and nights to a damp skin. Make sure to massage it gently and afterward, rinse it well. Once you are done with the cleansing process, finish it with a Cellular Bio-Smoothing Tonic. With the use of this cleansing gel daily, your skin is brightened and corrected. You will achieve a clean and radiant skin. You will also have a more refined texture.

This cleansing gel has active microbial and healing properties which can help any skin irritation. This also has natural ingredients that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles so you will have a beautiful and younger-looking skin. If you are struggling with a greasy and oily skin, Cellular Cleansing Gel has a natural astringent ingredient that helps you get rid of those excess oils and shine from your face. This also contributes to the reduction of pores in your face.

Make sure to include the Cellular Cleansing Gel in your skincare routine every time you wake up in the morning and before going to bed. Use a generous amount to revitalize and purify your skin. This cleansing gel will effectively remove all the dirt you want to be removed and maintain the natural pH level of your skin. The gel texture of this cleanser feels good to touch once you use it. It has a pleasant sensation once you wash your face with this cleanser.

It is very important that you invest in a great cleanser that will help you great skin results. A good cleanser plays an essential role in your skincare regimen. Cleansing is very important, but you have to make sure that you have to cleanse it and not make it dehydrated. A lot of cleansing gels today cannot effectively remove all the dirt from your face. Thankfully, with just a few pumps, Cellular Cleansing Gel can remove all the impurities and prepare your skin before applying your serums, face creams, and moisturizers. It makes the rest of the products more effective on your skin when you are doing your skincare regimen.

Making sure that your cleanser is fit for your skin type is important. The use of products that has natural and high-quality ingredients is extremely important. It has to be the biggest factor in your buying decision. La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel has everything you need for a cleansing gel for your oily or combination skin.

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