Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml


Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml


Purifying and Shaving Foam Dual Action
With phyto-marine complexes and natural foaming agents

Pump dispenser
50ml / Net. 1.69 fl. oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Cellmen Switzerland
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Purifying and Shaving Foam Dual Action
With phyto-marine complexes and natural foaming agents

Pump dispenser
50ml / Net. 1.69 fl. oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Suitability – Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml Indications:

  • For men looking to maintain healthy skin
  • All skin types, all ages
  • Ideal for sensitive or sensitised skin

Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml Actions

  • Purifies the skin and ensures a smooth shave
  • Optimizes the glide of the blade
  • Cleanses and prevents the appearance of redness
  • Intensely refreshes
  • Non-irritant
  • Non-drying
  • Propellant-free

Its added value:

  • Its dual purifying and shaving action
  • Its formula free from any controversial substances
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Purified and cleansed skin
  • A gentle shave
  • A very comfortable feel with no pulling sensation
  • An intense feeling of freshness

How to Use Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml

  • On the face and neck area, morning and evening throughout the year
  • Avoid the eye contour

Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml Ingredients


  • Pleasant emulsion that lathers into a light foam
  • Emulsifiable in water

Active Ingredients:

  • Natural tensio-active agents from apples and coconut oil: dermo-protective, anti-drying
  • Hamamelis flower water: soothing, astringent
  • Marine osmoregulatory complex: regulates cutaneous homeostasis, refreshing
  • Vegetable glycerin and sorbitol: humectant, moisturising*, optimise the glide of the blade
  • Copper salt: anti-microbial, astringent
  • Copaiba oil: soothing
  • Seboregulator specific complex: rebalancing

* of the upper layers of the epidermis

Boost Your Shaving Routine with Cellmen Wash n’ Shave 50 ml

Shaving is definitely one of those ordinary routines that men do regularly. It has been part of man’s daily habits that thinking about is just ordinary, you wouldn’t think there is a way to make it even better. But while shaving seems such a mundane thing to do, a lot of men still find it quite a challenge to do it properly. Oftentimes, men don’t know how to do it without harming their skin. Doing it the wrong way can ultimately lead to a lot of problems in the future.

This is exactly the reason why Cellmen has formulated a revolutionary shaving foam is designed specifically for men – the Cellmen Wash n’ Shave. This shaving foam is formulated for the specific needs of men’s skin. Cellmen has seen the need to create products that cater to males’ skin since a lot of the products in the market today are often designed for women alone. This shaving foam contains anti-microbial, anti-drying, and moisturizing ingredients in order to hydrate and moisturize the skin while shaving. Shaving can practically strip off the natural oils from your skin, so it is important that it is moisturized to restore the moisture on the skin. This shaving foam guarantees a smooth shaving experience as it optimizes the glide of the blade upon use. It also contains great calming effects on the skin once it is applied so you won’t feel agitated when shaving. It strengthens the outer layer of your skin so it provides excellent protection while you glide a sharp blade on your face. This is definitely the right product you need to add to your skincare regimen.

Just like women, men also have specific skin needs that have to be met. Oftentimes, these needs are hindered when there is no product that can work well with their specific skin type. Most products only work at their best when they are used to a specific skin type. However, Cellmen Wash n’ Shave definitely shuns this idea as it is formulated for all skin types and for all ages. Even to men with sensitive skin, Cellmen Wash n’ Shave does not contain any ingredients that can cause irritation upon shaving on sensitive skin. On the contrary, it even treats the skin and provides it with better results.

Some shaving foams also have a reputation for having a stinging effect on the skin right after shaving. It’s an uncomfortable and annoying feeling that would often send me to not use shaving foams instead. Cellmen Wash n’ Shave is made with natural ingredients that guarantee a cool and light feel on your face while you are shaving and even after. It does not give you that pulling sensation that we all want to avoid. It has the gentlest ingredients that can benefit anyone, especially men who have the most sensitive skin.

When you have to shave every day or on a regular basis, choosing the wrong shaving foam can often add misery to your life. We certainly don’t want to add any more of that, especially since we have to face our daily challenges in life. We want to have at least some peace and quiet when we are doing our skin care regimen. That is why is crucial that we know how to choose a good product to use for our face so as to avoid any problems in the future.

Quality ingredients are definitely one of the things that men have to look for in the products their buy. It is important to choose a high-quality shaving foam or cream. With so many products on the market today, that can be quite a challenge. To help you narrow down your choices, Cellmen specially formulated this Wash n’ Shave to make your life easier. It contains active and high-quality ingredients that nourish your skin just like what toners, creams, and moisturizers do. Think of it as a pampering agent whiles you simply shave. After all, shaving is also a part of a skincare routine for men.

Cellmen Wash n’ Shave to rehydrate the skin.

Without the right shaving foam, shaving daily can literally dry off your skin resulting in ashy and dull-looking skin. Cellmen Wash n’ Shave contains all the moisturizing and hydrating ingredients you need in order to protect your skin from getting dry. It has apples, coconut oil, as well as Copaiba oil that are responsible for protecting, hydrating, and soothing your skin right after a mere shave. Now, who does not want to have a great feeling right after shaving their face, right?

Cellmen boasts in their great line of skin products that not cleanses the skin, but help rebalance the natural function of the skin and strengthen it. Their line of products has effective treating action suitable to any man’s skin type and skin needs.

Their products also have undergone strict bacteriological tests, efficiency tests, a dermatological tolerance tests to ensure that each product contains the highest quality standards. This brand is definitely your go-to brand if you want the best for your skin.

Cellmen Wash n’ Shave is also the best choice for men’s shaving regimen since it is available in most parts of the world.

Its availability is definitely one of the reasons you should consider it since you can easily purchase it whether you are traveling or not. A lot of beauty and skin care shops today cater this shaving foam for men.

As mundane as shaving can be, one can never argue that choosing the right products to use along with it can make the shaving experience better for men. It also helps men do shaving the proper way. Cellmen Wash n’ Shave is that shaving foam that you should add to your skincare routine to make it even better. Some ordinary things in life need a boost. This shaving foam is definitely that boost you need in your shaving routine. After all, a simple act of shaving can be a whole new experience when paired with the right kind of foam.

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