Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml


Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml


High Tech Detox and Destress Mask
With rare earth from the Amazon + Edelweiss extract

Airless pump
125ml / Net wt. 4.90 oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Cellmen Switzerland
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High Tech Detox and Destress Mask
With rare earth from the Amazon + Edelweiss extract

Airless pump
125ml / Net wt. 4.90 oz.

All skin types
All ages

Treatment composed of phyto-marine and aromatic complexes
Wellness treating action

Suitability – Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml Indications:

  • All men for an authentic anti-ageing, invigorating and detoxifying skin care treatment
  • All skin types, particularly combination skin and skin with a dull and tired-looking complexion
  • For men seeking a long-term anti-age effect
  • For men looking for an immediate healthy-looking effect

Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml Actions

Immediate action:

  • Radiance immediately visible
  • Purifies, matifies and erases the signs of fatigue
  • Densifies, smoothes, invigorates
  • Clarifies and harmonises a lacklustre, dull complexion
  • Encourages cutaneous regeneration
  • Immediately soothes reactive and sensitised skin
  • Preventive anti-ageing and regenerating action
  • Maintains natural skin hydration* at optimum levels
  • Neutralises the effects of free radicals

Long-term action:

  • Regulates excess of sebum
  • Reshapes skin facial features
  • Helps smoothe out wrinkles and fine lines
  • No artificial colouring

Its added value:

  • An unprecedented concentration of active ingredients for a double effect: healthy-looking complexion and anti-ageing
  • Dermatologically tested


  • An even, fresh, visibly radiant complexion
  • Healthy-looking complexion
  • Cleansed and purified skin
  • Relaxed-looking skin

How to Use Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml

  • 2 times a week for 1 month as an intensive cure, for a healthy-looking complexion
  • Once or twice a week, throughout the year
  • Occasionally to reveal a fresh and rested complexion, for an evening out or a special occasion

Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml Ingredients


  • Half-gel, half-cream, thick and onctuous

Active Ingredients:

  • Synergetic complex of rare earth – clays: purifying, matifying
  • Kombucha: anti-ageing, healthy-looking effect
  • Eau Florale d’Hamamélis: astringent, anti-rougeurs
  • Edelweiss extract: anti-ageing, protective
  • Antioxidant Vitamin Complex E + C + F: anti-free radicals
  • Regenerating and soothing
    Phyto-Sensorial Complex: calms the feeling of skin irritation, reduces redness
  • Copaiba oil: healing, anti-inflammatory
  • Meadow sweet extract: matifying, purifying

of the upper layers of the epidermis **Specially formulated to minimise risk of allergic reactions

Detoxify and Destress with Cellmen Rare Mask 125 ml

As we try to keep up with the constant demands of our everyday lives, all of us cannot avoid getting stressed sometimes. It’s hard to ignore the fact that we now live in an age where we constantly have to chase opportunities, time, and other things in life. Because of this, a lot of us forget some important things, especially our health and wellbeing. Stress can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. When it is not taken care of early, it can result in debilitating illnesses in the future. Stress links to a lot of illnesses and diseases in the human body.

With this in mind, stress can also cause damage to the largest organ in the body which is the skin. When you are stressed, it will be visible to your skin. People will see it no matter how much you try to hide it. It will show signs on your hair, nails, skin, and other parts of the body in so many ways that are definitely unfavorable to you. It can take a toll on your outside appearance and beauty. Suffice it to say, stress should always be managed carefully if you don’t want it to show in your skin.

There are a number of ways to manage stress and one of these is careful consideration of your lifestyle. Men are often active and love to do a lot of things and in order to keep up with their bodies, they need to replenish their energy and take care of their lifestyle. This includes eating the right way by choosing a healthier option – adding more greens and fruits to their diet. This will also include exercising daily and balancing work and fun. Too much work can take a toll on your mental and physical health, and at the same time, too much fun from partying and having alcohol can do the same. Getting enough sleep every single night is also needed in order to get a well-deserved rest and recharge their bodies. Who said men can’t have beauty rest? When you consider these things, you give your skin a chance to recuperate from the damage caused by stress. You give it a kind of treatment to be revitalized and refreshed.

Since stress can take a toll on one’s appearance, a lot of us would resort to pampering ourselves with beauty treatments and whatnots. Like women, men also like to achieve radiant skin – free from dryness and dullness. Because of this, there are products created to combat the effects of stress such as moisturizers, serums, face creams, and hydrating masks. You will find a lot of these products on the market today. However, this poses another problem if you choose a product that is not suitable for your skin. A lot of skincare products today are also not regulated so instead of fixing any problems on the skin, people end up not getting the right kind of treatment and make things worse. It is definitely important to choose the right products for your skin.

Face masks are one of the most effective treatments for any stress-related concerns on the skin. They are often even considered as the magical concoction for the skin. Masks help in hydrating the skin, removing excess oils, improving the appearance of pores, and even treating acne. You can find different types of masks today, but these benefits are the most common ones you can get out of facial masks. They are all formulated to make your skin look better. They help plump up the skin and refresh tired-looking skin due to stress.

Cellmen Rare Mask is a revolutionary face mask that is specially designed for men’s skin.

It’s a half gel and half cream mask that detoxifies and de-stresses your face. It contains active anti-aging ingredients such as Kombucha and Edelweiss extract. These ingredients help protect the skin and keep it healthy to get rid of an early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cellmen Rare Mask also has a synergetic complex of rare earth clays and meadowsweet extract that is designed to purify and mattify the skin. For men struggling with oiliness on the skin, Cellmen Rare Mask will help you get rid of those excess oils and shine. Eau Florale d’ Hamamelis is also present in this mask. It’s a natural astringent to minimize the pores and help you rid of excess oil. It also has Vitamin Complex E + C + F which are antioxidants that help you fight free radicals that can be extremely damaging to the skin. For men who are suffering skin irritation, redness, and burning sensation on the skin, Cellmen Rare Mask also has Copaiba Oil and Phyto-sensorial complex that soothes and calms the skin. It is a natural ingredient that heals and is also anti-inflammatory.

Cellmen Rare Mask detoxifies your skin from any impurities just like other masks do but at the same time; this mask regenerates your skin.

It erases the signs of fatigue caused by stress on the skin and clarifies the dull, lackluster complexion. Using this twice a week for a month can intensively treat the skin and give you a healthy complexion. Men can also use this occasionally as a special face treatment for special occasions. But more importantly, Cellmen Rare Mask regulates the skin and prevents premature aging. It’s a great mask to use to maintain youthful-looking skin as you age.

Finding the right mask can be a challenging task for men, but with Cellmen Rare Mask, you no longer have to look anywhere else.

It is suitable for any skin type and is specially formulated to provide the needs of masculine skin. Cellmen Rare Mask is definitely a great addition to a man’s skin care regimen and should be a necessary grooming arsenal in order to keep up with the demands of life. If your goal is to detoxify your skin and at the same time get rid of stress signs in your face, Cellmen Rare Mask will never disappoint.

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